How shallow of Marine rope manufacturer heaving line and the mooring correctly

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Heaving line and mooring, is one of the most basic of seafarers on board a ship but also is one of the most important work. And heaving line in the process of throwing, heaving line head injury and the risk of damage to target facilities. Mooring circle of 'death' and 'deadly rebound', its risk since there is no need to speak. You really will correct heaving line and mooring?   Heaving line 1 knot, the use of the past about heaving line head, the crew often use scrap metal or sand and gravel, or tied on such as hook ring weight listed to increase the lead at the end of the heaving line knot to make LAN can throw farther. This operation mode has been banned, because it will increase worker, shore workers, tug with cable or the mooring boat crew members in the mooring operation was struck by the object, or the ship mooring personnel when heaving line is thrown back to hit and cause the risk of serious personal injury. Heaving line 2, correct the human heaving line 1, the heaving line ready work will leave the end of the rope eye ring set on the left wrist, and clockwise coiled diameter of about 30 cm ring. Plate lap should prevent twist wring twist shape, otherwise, clutched hand knotted and an influence to throw. Practice prove that on the premise of the left hand to hold, the small ring around, throwing out ring launched more smoothly. Ring plate, natural curve and left hand holding the ring in the waist, right hand a heaving line head in the distance of about 80 centimeters grab the left cable and filed a heaving line head. Note hands between the appropriate to leave the length of the line segment. 2, the throwing of heaving line essentials & have spent Ready to do a good job, will be on the left side of the body to the goal to stand, feet slightly wide open match, the body center of gravity on the right leg. Right hand filed a heaving line head slightly to do back and forth, then drive the heaving line head from bottom up, by the former backward in a 45 ° Angle at the upper body rotation. When rotating speed shoulds not be too fast, otherwise, throwing the direction it is difficult to control, nor safe. And throwing distance is the key to the moment of explosive. From a practical point of view, should be emphasized a 'quasi' word, it may not come as far as possible, can leave too far more than the specified throwing target and lose the best time with cable. 3, 2 to 3 turns to timing, when heaving line head turn to the right rear body, using turn waist, hold out a bosom, roundhouse coherent action, such as body weight shift to the left at the same time, the heaving line head instantaneous out into a 45 degree Angle. Left out 'swimmer' should be paid attention to in advance as far as possible, coupled with the arm quickly pulled the role, to enhance the heaving line head instantaneous acceleration 'fly'. Is critical for the understanding of 'point', veer out too early or too late can cause heaving line head fly out after excessive deviates from the goal. To moment, palm palm should naturally stretching toward the goal, finger, in case of a hook on the rope and the strain. Shots, Shouting 'come' with heaving line head fly out quickly. On the one hand can play the role of power, Power is like a weightlifter) , on the other hand can warn the other party be prepared for emergency avoidance and slips in a timely manner.   The key is to correctly grasp the timing and Angle. Angle is too big or too small will affect throwing distance, and the timing to undeserved can lead to a transition from throwing target, this is the key to the success or failure of the heaving line. Heaving line implements heaving line is suitable for the long-distance transmission towing, multi-purpose line-throwing gun launching. Operation according to the performance of various line-throwing gun, operating rules and the corresponding requirements such as the working environment. Basic requirement is a heaving line position and launch correctly, accurately projectile to the specified location. The muzzle must not to the people! Security considerations with cable 1, control cable or in speed, prevent the instantaneous force is too large. 2, attention to the stress of the cable direction, estimate the force size, prevent stress rupture caused by cable. 3, the cable force is too large, or sliding, sliding, the cable should be considered factors such as intensity and hull inertia, adopt proper braking or pine. 4, the use of artificial warping drum, pay attention to the cable on laps around the drum, and according to the stress distribution timely adjust. 5, significant adjustments to the cable, should pay attention to ship shore connected line, ramp, cables and other facilities and surrounding conditions.
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