How to correct storage vessels with Marine cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine cable although not speak, but it is also need to have a rest, so tired after a day, how should we store the cable? The cable is the use of special techniques, the different weaving method of cable is different, have different storage requirements. One, the cable need according to the direction of its own weaving process and weaving order of pan, if the cable length is longer, can use wooden tools such as pan, after the knot is fixed, important to note here is that the cable pan order not too messy. Two, the cable need placed in dry indoor ventilation. Storage environment of the cable to keep dry, the cable will not rust, but it is easy to be corroded and fracture occur. Three, the cable flat placed on the ground of the drying as far as possible, vertical suspension cable to avoid storage. Above is Marine cable storage method is introduced, the application of cable is extensive, but different cable storage requirements will be different.
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