How to correct the nylon rope maintenance?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Nylon rope is by ropes, broadband, made of rope or chain belt, two meters long and is mainly used to connect the bearing device and the whole body harness. Safety rope type includes three kinds of styles of woven rope, ribbon and cables. Nylon rope itself has no been extensibility, when used as a stop falling must be used with cushioning package. Nylon cord adopt unique double preparation process, the core of three twisted rope, skin preparation of coat for the machines, materials for high strength polyester. 1, never knot; 2, never weathering; 3, acid and alkali resistance; 4, skin wear resistance, if the customer wants to better abrasion resistance, skin can use double establishment; 5, tension can be adjusted, can according to customer's needs without changing the rope under the condition of roughness, by changing the core material to increase the tension of the rope, such as filling wire rope; Nylon rope to correct maintenance. The rope should be cleaned regularly, for example, can use cold water and neutral detergent soak slightly, then stir constantly, let the rope can wash everywhere; For special dirty place, can use soft brush gently scrub, change a few times more water, make sure all cleaners are washed away, pushing it out again or hung on the ground, in a cool, ventilated place dry naturally. Safety rope can bask, nor use dryers, hair dryer. It needs to be saved in the warm, dry, ventilated place. Safety rope after use and transit to avoid contact with sharp objects. The service life of the nylon rope is three years commonly, but vary slightly according to the actual situation, therefore, we should ask when buy, don't use after more than life.
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