How to correctly choose safety net and Marine cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Dense mesh type safety set net generally by net body, the first ring buckle, rope, and additional lashing, the specification is 1. 8 m×3。 6 m, 1。 8m×5. 4 m, 1。 8m×6. 0米,3。 0m×6. 0米,3。 6 m×5。 4米,3。 6 m×6。 0m。 According to the national mandatory standard GB16909 - 1997 the dense mesh type safety set net, dense mesh type safety net body small width not less than 1. 2 m, mesh density required not less than 800 mesh / 100 cm2. Dense mesh type safety set net is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, used to prevent people falling and falling objects. Product main technical performance of penetrability resistance, impact resistance and flame retardant performance, etc. Choose safety net product, first with the nature of the work environment and determine the type of operation to choose. In 1989, China promulgated the GB11651 - 1989 of the labor protection articles selection rules, Shanghai in 1999 formulated the standard configuration of the Shanghai labor protection articles ( Trial) On March 6, 2000, state economic and trade commission and issued by the labor protection articles configuration standards ( Trial) As low standard configuration labor protection products, each unit should be based on this, combined with the characteristics of the unit, the configuration of the corresponding protective equipment. Marine cable manufacturer and the choose and buy when using dense mesh type safety set net, should be paid attention to: 1, each dense mesh type safety set net should firmly rift has a permanent sign, include: product name, product tag, trademark, name and address of manufacturer, batch number, production date, industrial products production license number, and firmly attach safety JianDingZheng and inspection certificates. Every 5 ~ 10 net should with product specification. Supplier shall provide qualified inspection agency at the same time this batch of products issued by the inspection report ( Generally a period of 6 months, length less than 1 year) 。 2, from the outside, qualified general color more bright-coloured federated eye network, the weight in 3 kg; Stitching not jump needle, leak, hemming evenly. Each federated eye network allows a stitched, stitched parts should be correct and firm; No broken yarn, hole, deformation, and inhibit the use of weaving defects; Mesh density required not less than 800 mesh / 100 cm2, ring diameter not less than 8 mm; The retail price of each net should now in 40 yuan, less than 30 yuan/zhang nets are general quality problems. 3, pay attention to the deadline and scrapped rules on the use of the products. Dense mesh type safety set net generally for one-time use product, namely the shelves of the dense mesh type safety set net in after the completion of the construction project, the scrap, can't cut down the net to use again.
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