How to correctly choose the high quality air cables?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Aviation rope like a rope, just as its name implies is form is with multiple root or more strands of thin air, flexible cable, a rope is handled by multi-layer special rope twist into shares, then for the center with a rope, by a certain amount of shares twist around into a spiral line. Aviation rope as a special rope made of steel material in the material handling machinery, for improve the location of the cargo, traction movement, tension, and bearing application. Look from the material of aviation rope aviation rope strength is very high, light weight, stable work, is not easy to suddenly broken, work safety performance is very reliable. There are different forms of aviation rope aviation rope according to shape, hierarchy, status, methods such as classification. Single from the shape can be divided into round naked eye observed aviation rope strands of air line, weaving rope, flat rope. If the level difference can be divided into aviation rope according to twist around the level can be divided into the single winding rope, double rope, and rope. Single rope aviation rope level around a metal core is screwed into the system, the flexible, easy to wear and tear when repeated bending fracture, mainly used as sedentary taut rope. The rope from aviation interwoven by again after shares around the rope twist into a rope. Double rope good flexible, convenient manufacture and wide application. Three good rope flexible; But made more complex, and the air is too thin, easy to wear, so rarely used. Aviation rope winding direction, which has two kinds of suitable around and around. Good contact between air around the aviation rope, flexible is better also, long service life. Handed over to the air around the rope is not easy to reverse a loose, widely used in the lifting operation. Air line features can pass a long load, load safety factor is big, the use of safe and reliable, light weight, easy to carry and transport, can carry a variety of load and variable load. Air line where the price difference is? Seems to be different suppliers to provide aviation rope prices have very big difference. Consumers often faced with how to choose to buy it. In fact, to solve this problem is not difficult, grasp the following points. Must be listed in a, is to buy the quality of the product. Different suppliers tend to have different purchase channels. Choose a reliable supplier is very important. Reputable merchants will not good for a little bit of profits at the expense of their own reputation. So won't replace the nameplate material without permission. While some smaller businesses tend to use low prices to lure customers, provide poor quality products to fool people. Today's building materials market competition is very fierce. A simple air lifting rope, a unified specifications often have a lot of brands. How to select in the brand, often can make you feel very difficult. In fact, as long as the following some of the basic knowledge, can greatly simplify your work. First of all, you focus on whether the brand has quality certification and factory. Generally speaking, aviation rope will have quality certificate, it will introduce the rope specifications, surface coating, can bear large pulling force. Rope before mass purchase, pass tensile stress experiment, qualified rear can buy. The second is the price problem. Different brand is different because awareness, product price will have some difference. Therefore, at the time of purchase, also can choose it as a basis. Of course, relatively speaking, the quality is the key to choose which kind of product. When purchasing, to ensure the standard. Can't, because of the price and low level, prevent the happening of the accident. Recommended at the time of purchase products must polish eyes, good is to be able to shop around. Even the same batch of aviation rope, must also be prepared to enter the experiment. This can guarantee the safety of use. Lightly tend to have more serious consequences for everyone, especially the high altitude lifting the risk of a certain occasion.
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