How to discern the stand or fall of fishing boat rope

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Rope is to point to by fiber ( Natural fiber and chemical fiber) After a certain process made of soft and thin objects. Relative to bending and torsion load, the rope can bear larger axial tensile load, so the rope to be used as the main load, locating, connecting, some objects or tools.     Ropes can be classified by a variety of methods. Classification by using fiber type, rope can be divided into natural fiber rope and chemical fiber rope, flax rope, twine day belongs to the natural fiber rope, and Kevlar rope, rope Vectran belong to chemical fiber rope; According to the manufacturing process classification, can be divided into rope twisted rope, braided rope and parallel fibers; Rope diameter size classification, can be divided into line, cable, cable; Can be used in industry is divided into Marine rope, agricultural use ropes, etc. ; Can be used according to the background is divided into military ropes and civilian rope.     About how to discern the stand or fall of fishing boat rope depends on material and preparation process, but now there was another important standard, that is elongation. Elongation contains two aspects, one is refers to the creep phenomenon, another refers to the state. One, by looking at the creep phenomenon: & have spent   Refers to a static ropes for a long time, namely the rope for a long time under the relatively constant tension, produced an extension of behavior, is commonly irreversible behavior. In terms of the fishing boats, an extension of the common for static stretching, but if the rope used in under the condition of constant weight, long-term creep phenomenon will occur. Creep process, it is not produced in a few minutes or several hours, but over time, the process of constant dropping wears the stone. Second, by looking at extending status: & have spent   Extended state refers to the dynamic extension, namely the rope in the extension of the tension of changing behavior. Because the sea wind is constantly changing, sailor often by controlling Marine ropes to adjust the Angle of the sail with the wind, to obtain the best Angle of the wind, or through the control line in port to change course, these behaviors will unconsciously stretched the rope. So ordinary ropes to use after a period of time, you will find that getting longer. After rope is stretched, diameter decreased, tension is less also, are more likely to suddenly rupture in the strong wind, potentially dangerous. So, choose the ropes to choose low extension and low elasticity, it is best to have treated with pre tensioning.     When choosing a fishing boat rope, want to consider the location of use, according to the purpose to select the size, material, tension, extending coefficient and length, color, etc. Information source: Marine cable manufacturers in jiangsu sweet sichuan cable technology co. , LTD
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