How to effectively avoid Marine cable rebound dangerous? ? ? ? ?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Worldly goods mostly has the duality, cable, the cable itself has certain elasticity, and can bring security for lifting work, but also easy to produce is in danger of rebound, before the lifting process, people need a detailed analysis. Cable is composed of synthetic fiber, has good tensile, impact resistance and wear resistance, but in the lifting process, if it is too hard, or is uneven, also easy to appear some rebound phenomenon, then how should we do to reduce the occurrence of the danger? A, and find a reasonable position, avoid operation within the rebound in the region. Most of the cable is fixed in a certain place for crane lifting work, lifting, lazy god of rebound is limited, rebound area also has a certain limit, not rebound area lifting can effectively avoid the risk of a rebound. Second, the staff dressed in all kinds of protection tools, responsible for their own safety. Above is to avoid cable rebound method is introduced, the cable can carry on the crane lifting work in a variety of occasions, but also need to pay attention to safety in the lifting.
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