How to effectively ensure the six cable firmly?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Cable widely used, and in order to adapt to a variety of lifting requirements, cable has a relatively clear classification, different number of shares of the cable diameter is large, tolerance for lifting work also will be different, when using can not open it to use or mixed use. Six strands of the cable can be more firmly fixed weights, in the process of using the cable, we just remember to check the cable fixed firmly, you also need to remember to clean the cable, for subsequent work. Cable is mostly used for bundling fixed work, the ship docked, we often need to use the cable to regular job of the ship, the ship docked at the shore, the diameter of the cable is larger, the fixed process also won't produce the risk of fracture, to prevent the ship by ocean currents swept away, but when the ship sailing, fixed the cable has become one of the factors hindering the research on the ship operation, fixed the ship, so we have to check the cable not only firmly, also need to remember to cable is removed. Cable diameter is different, different application places, but the cable can match with other hoisting machinery use, operation, the cable will also with the aid of shackle, hook fixed work, and other parts.
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