How to effectively identify the quality of the ladder cable ladder?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Buy's ladder to increase security, but still should see's ladder user experience. If it is often the ship's crew, they use's ladder experience is relatively more,'s ladder can also guarantee their safety. But if it is a passenger ship, so must be equipped with fixed wharf ladder, and should ensure's ladder shake amplitude is relatively small, such ability can guarantee the safety of the passengers. 1, now's ladder, some businessmen in order to profit on the market, without triangle circle's ladder hooks. Ladder cable ladder shall be equipped with triangle circle, so that can not only effectively protect prevent's ladder hanging point of the wear, and more convenient and quick hung's ladder to use. 2, now's ladder some businessmen in order to profit, on the market's ladder foot tube without a jacket. If's ladder without a jacket, will increase the foot tube wear of's ladder, shorten the service life of's ladder, because of the quality of's ladder even threaten's ladder user's life safety. 3, now's ladder, some sellers on the market, only pay attention to quality's ladder carelessly quantity's ladder,'s ladder in the process of preparation, no strict requirement's ladder production workers must be solid tube's ladder and rope firmly tied together. Once such's ladder to use, will cause a force's ladder foot tube, the inner core's ladder and pull out the leakage,'s ladder users easy to lose focus, and then lead to serious consequences. 4, some on the market's ladder merchants in exchange for's ladder greater profits, who will be in the core material's ladder adulterated some inferior silk thread, while the cost of production reduced's ladder, but reduce the bearing capacity's ladder, seriously reduced the use of's ladder safety coefficient.
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