How to ensure that the double strand woven rope strong?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Double strand woven rope according to difference of weaving process, it can be divided into different strands of the cable. Most of the cable is in daily life we see three cable, cable or twelve cable. There are more than twelve messy cables? 24 strands of the cable on the twelve strands of the cable, the weaving process more messy. The same, it can carry heavy things, that ascension is often used in industry. First, in the industrial building, people inevitably to aerial work, whether it's lifting operation can use rope is tied to homework, such as lashing, the cable can and hook, shackle, rigging and lifting operations, and in the hoisting, cable with hoist, lifting operations from multiple perspectives. Cable is widely used, for the sake of habit of lifting requirements, also have a clearer classification for cable. Different number of shares of the cable diameter difference is very big, in the lifting operation, its bearing capacity is also different. When using, do not allow the separation or mixed. Six cable can strong fixed weight. In the process of using the cable, we don't just remember to check the cable strong sex, remember to open the cable for subsequent operations.   Most of the cable is used to bind and fixed. When the boat stopped, we often need to fix the ship with the cable, the ship on the shore. The diameter of the cable is larger, the fixed process there is no risk of cracking, can prevent the ships washed away by water. However, when the ship sailing, fixed the cable as a boat obstruction, in which a transport factor is in a fixed ships, not just check the cable strong sex, also remember to remove the cable. The diameter of the cable is different, the use of address is different, but the cable will be used together with other lifting machinery. In the operating process will also depend on the clasp fixed rope, hook and other components.
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