How to prevent electric shock wear rope well?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine cable material is fiber material, its belong to is an insulator, but even so, in the lifting process also need prepare relevant protective measures. The cable to be able to work on lifting trolley in multiple places, and most of the cable need to be compared with other hoisting machinery lifting work, therefore, ready to get an electric shock prevention measures are also necessary. One, the cable is not conductive in the cable under dry condition, if the cable after being soaked, the cable will be conductive, therefore, in use should pay attention to keep the cable when dry. Two, often rope hoisting machinery, such as chain or hook shackle work on lifting sling is tie-in, such as the hoisting machinery or sling material is metal, has the good electrical conductivity, therefore, need to be protective measures. Three, cable operation methods of diversity, sometimes hanging on high, and sometimes in ascend a lifting work, and may be suspended under the tree, therefore, ready to get an electric shock prevention measures is necessary.
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