How to prevent Marine anchor cable break?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Anchor rope needs regular maintenance. Sailing ship for a long time, people need in a timely manner after sailing back to maintenance of anchor rope, and to scrap the anchor rope to change in time, such doing can avoid the danger of sailing in the process of breaking. Marine anchor rope is connected to the anchor Marine cable, but also because of the connected to the anchor, it is easier to the risk of fracture, how can we do to avoid this phenomenon? Anchor rope is made from a mix of anchor and cable, and on the ship using anchor rope is called Marine anchor rope. And along with the development of the era, anchor by stone material quality gradually into the metal, metal hard, so you need to prepare the cable fracture prevention measures. Anchor rope needs to be checked regularly. Anchor rope is used to fix the ship, the ship travel before carefully check the safety performance of anchor rope and wear, the risk for high performance cable needs to be changed in time, in order to increase the safety of navigation, increase security for people's life safety. 1 transport in the process of waterproof, moistureproof, prevent sharp tools to carry 2 rolls ( The ring) Storage of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibres garment right twisting rope should be coiled coil: clockwise along the left stranded rope should be along anticlockwise coiled coil, place the cable. Good move each layer of the cable a few centimeters, make its spiral and not put every cascade stored at the top of each other. 3 '8' shape storage forward aramid ( Aromatic polyamide) The application of the cable temperature - 40℃- 200 ℃ 4 cables under the long-term exposure to uv radiation intensity will drop, so the cable should be in the back after using, avoid direct sunlight, lest affect the service life of the rope strength and 5 cable to avoid in the molten metal, acid, alkali corrosion, nuclear reactor, as well as the operation in high temperature environment. 6 users if you want to use in specific situations a rope, should be with the manufacturer for technical consultation.
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