How to prevent the risk of Marine anchor rope break?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine anchor rope is connected to the anchor Marine cable, but also because of the connected to the anchor, it is easier to the risk of fracture, how can we do to avoid this phenomenon? Anchor rope is made from a mix of anchor and cable, and on the ship using anchor rope is called Marine anchor rope. And along with the development of the era, anchor by stone material quality gradually into the metal, metal hard, so you need to prepare the cable fracture prevention measures. , the anchor rope need to check on a regular basis. Anchor rope is used to fix the ship, the ship travel before carefully check the safety performance of anchor rope and wear, the risk for high performance cable needs to be changed in time, in order to increase the safety of navigation, increase security for people's life safety. Second, the anchor cable need regular maintenance. Sailing ship for a long time, people need in a timely manner after sailing back to maintenance of anchor rope, and to scrap the anchor rope to change in time, such doing can avoid the danger of sailing in the process of breaking.
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