How to prolong the service life of round stock cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Polypropylene three line is mainly used for all kinds of vessels, fishing capture, port loading and unloading, and electric power construction, oil exploration, sporting goods, such as national defense scientific research category. Applicability is wide and has high strength, low elongation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, softness is smooth, easy operation and strong points. With anti-static and other special rope can be made up. Round stock cable harness as improving the industry a new tool, widely used in various environments. Circular segments with light and soft, hoisting process of hoisting belt formed a lot of damage. In order to increase with the use of the life, we need to improve the process to protect and use. 1, we should seriously treat every sling is applied, use after carefully check, whether in good condition. When lifting belt wear appearance, will accelerate the damage of the lifting belt. Formation damage. 2, lifting belt after use, should consider the effect of hoisting method for load rating. In improving with specifications, different way to multiply large work load coefficient is explicitly prescribed to improve with large load. 3, hoisting process, lifting belt should be on the suspended matter appearance, not knot, buckle used, avoid uneven when lifting belt. In addition to the above application considerations, but also must be protected in their daily use of lifting belt. 1, after lifting when transporting goods or lifting belt, don't drag, to avoid conflict. 2, don't will improve the belt, and any other devices to connect and may cause damage or wear. 3, the harness should be stored in no light, no ultraviolet light. 4, don't long time to condole belt near the heat source.
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