How to solve the problem of Marine rope square card resistance?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Polymer polyethylene Marine cable lightweight flexible, easy to operate, indeed for berthing and mooring operation bring great convenience, but also found some problems: one is the Marine cable in use more stress, residual cable force extremely easily embedded and jam on the winch; 2 it is because of its inherent defects and material factors such as small diameter, the Marine cable not wear-resisting, excessive wear easily lead to scrap. Talk to you here the resistance of Marine cable preventing matters!   Use the crowbar, cable, cable counter loop method to prevent Marine cable resistance, need to full play, laborious. Once encountered severe sea condition, the entire during berthing will be struggling to cope with, if can't solve the problem of ship rope jam, passive and danger to the navigation operation, there is great potential safety hazard.   Analysis of Marine cable caused by layer more easy to jam, try to offer Marine cable roller is divided into two parts: don't force the Marine cable in a side, mechanical parts, on the other side only around 1 ~ 2 layer, thus eliminating Marine rope jam phenomenon. Will a few root steel pipe welding on the cable car space ship rope, but when docking the intensity of spot welding of steel pipe, solder joints in contact with the cable drum area is small, with the Marine cable force after steel pipe deformation and fracture and lose the isolation effect. At the same time, the steel tube edge wear and tear Marine cable, leading to poor actual effect.   Try to add in the roller welding clapboard to increase the contact area, so that you can safely distribution in Marine cable on both sides. The mooring winch drum according to the proportion of 1:2 separated, baffle opening 90 °, clapboard on relief hole is open. Before the renovation for the first time after the completion of berthing, according to the known berth situation, according to the required length distribution in a cable car in advance all Marine cable, most of the cable trays in a narrow side, you need to use the ship's cable is placed on one side of a wide, berthing at only slightly adjustment can ensure Marine cable distribution requirements. Found in actual berthing, Marine cable has always been neatly distribution on both sides of the card resistance effect is very good. It is important to note that when berthing mooring, on-site command staff must accurately determining the amount of residual Marine cable, timely command operator will rope coiled in the loading side, with 1 layer advisable. In actual operation, the no-load Marine cable can be appropriately when arriving around 1 ~ 2 laps, less loaded with arrival of the port of cable around 1 ~ 2 laps more appropriately. If unable to adjust, can be adjusted one by one after berthing time.
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