How to solve the problems in the production of Marine cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine cable strength, wear-resisting, durable, resistant to mildew, acid and alkali resistant, simple and portable. Directions for use: every time when using the safety rope, it is necessary to make an appearance inspection, in use process, also pay attention to see, in the half to one year to test time, with main unit shall not be damaged. Advantages of ship cable in addition to the proportion of lightweight, high strength, impact resistance and good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to mildew, bug eat by moth resistance and other advantages. Such as nylon rope strength and wear resistance of several times more than linen, cotton rope, polypropylene rope specific gravity less than water, can float on the surface of the water, easy to operate security. Chemical fiber rope is divided into three shares, according to the processing structure more twist wring cable and eight stone, a net shares, more strands twisted rope. 3 cable generally 4 ~ 50 mm diameter, 8 cable generally 35 ~ 120 mm diameter. Chemical fiber rope except for ship's mooring, also widely used in industrial, mining, transportation, sports and fishing, etc. 1, the cable production, should be strictly executed according to the requirement of the 'process order', the three stocks, stereotype of qualified operators need to training, to mount guard.   2, stereotype ropes when the operator must look for the production, distinguish the strand twist twist, left, right with crane stowed in corresponding twist flower bar around the rack, insert the pin, adjust the tensioning device, strand tension in good condition, Weight in the middle of the flower hurdle parts on cable sliding is preferred) 。   3, strand and strand connection, first with a rope yarn are several knot, reoccupy adhesive tight connection package, request article shares the joint length is basically consistent, and ask the strand basically keep untwisting connection.   4, in accordance with the requirements of 'process order' exchange good tip and knitting gear, such as not using knitting machinery gear, just indicate the traction speed ( Revolutions per minute) , then put into normal operation, when the rope winding machine should temporarily stop, to unload a product line, according to the requirements of 'process' fitted with appropriate provisions of bamboo sticks, bamboo sticks at the same time inside evenly placed inside tied rope, and should be fixed after to continue production, if you want to play button should play button. 5, in the process of operation, attention to strand elastic trend, if there is abnormal, timely adjust the tensioning device, beware of the stock, wrinkled, widening lay length and so on, the occurrence of undesirable phenomena.   6, pay attention to the appearance quality of the cable, winding should be neat and trim the burr, fight pollution, finished products under the rope machine woven pocket cloth pad or other mat, ensure clean. 7, bundling rope should be evenly tied up. 8, plug button ( Also called play button) Production: will the rope end apart, requires the original article shares the twist basically keep changeless form, each article shares the head wrapped with tape to keep loose, insert each article shares the orderly three times ( Three flower buckle) , the rope net each article in line with, force wants even, can not have obvious slack phenomenon. After pressed the button, it is certain to should have approximately the fertilized, 1 Yu Tou length is the rope nominal diameter. 5m- 1. 8m。 If customers have other requirements, should be indicated in the 'production process', and as stipulated in the production process to implement. In the process of production, such as any abnormal, should be timely find the reason, be ruled out. 9, rope equipment maintenance and matters needing attention: 1. The gears of the transmission parts, copper set oil hole and lubrication components come on every day. 2. Completed before coming off work to clean up, will be used after the tooling is put to the specified location.
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