I'm thrilled with my crazy critters. Well, I mean my dog is

by:SanTong     2020-06-24
I know, and I'm pretty sure the As Seen On TV guys know, that we all have a soft spot for our pets and want to make them happy. I'm not sure exactly what year it was when dogs were emancipated and given equal rights as humans but their efforts have paid off and they are definitely first class citizens. My dog actually has better health insurance than I do! But, before you laugh at me I must say that my dog only has one eye and this remaining eye is in bad shape so it made sense for me to get an insurance policy for it that gets it free vet visits and eye cleanings. I would feel terrible if it lost the eye because I didn't know how to take care of it. Now my cat, he gets the mobile vet for his shots and if he gets sick, he just lays there until he gets better. I might buy all the as seen on TV stuff, but I wasn't born yesterday. But I digress. So my spoiled little dog is probably only treated so well because I feel so bad for the little guy. But, I see other people carrying their dogs in purses, dining with them in fancy restaurants in Los Angeles, and dressing them in outrageous couture so there is a market for neat pet toys and Crazy Critters fits the bill. Here's why, in my opinion, the inventor of this particular toy has been able to combine all the best qualities of the popular toys of the past. The best being the tennis ball of course. Then probably a squeaky or the tug of war rope. I would go as far to say that this may even cover the original dog toy called the dead animal because you'll notice dogs love to shake this thing which satisfies their hunting instinct. This will sum up the product. It's a plush toy without stuffing so it won't get ripped and make a mess. It contains 2 squeakers, one in the head and one in the tail. It's 24 inches long and since there is no stuffing its long and lean which makes it a great rope toy. It's great for chewing, fetching, carrying, hiding and comforting. It's also machine washable, and at least in my case, gets a lot of use. This will be the pet toy of the year, I'm sure of it. But right now you can't find Crazy Critters in stores so please hear this. If you order this product you will get two of them. The cost is ten dollars but you will have to pay shipping and handling for both so your total will be about $24. So you basically you get two toys for twelve bucks a piece. To the best of my knowledge you cannot just get one. It is your standard buy one get one free deal but you must calculate your shipping costs.
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