If the Marine cable will not be able to continue to use the following problems

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine cable is used on the ship's cable, is primarily used to fix the ship, so what kind of problems when the cable will not be able to continue to use? Cable is primarily used to fixed objects, in the use of the ship, is to fix one end of the rope on the ship, the other end is fixed at port, in so doing, can avoid the ship was larger wind blown away, at the same time can also be fixed steamers, pedestrian-friendly. One, the cable broken stocks, badly worn. Much of the cable is more strands of the cable, when use, each cable plays an important role, if the cable is broken, will reduce the strength of the cable. 2, cable degradation and differentiation. Cable degradation refers to the cable from corrosion and thus appear rupture phenomenon. Refers to the cable and the cable differentiation increases the gaps between the stocks and shares, compactness of the cable. Three, the cable has a large area of the paint or chemical pollution. Cable is mostly use polyethylene, if is paint or chemical pollution, easy to appear the above several kinds of phenomenon, therefore, when using, need more attention.
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