If you are desirous to replace your current windows

by:SanTong     2020-05-13
You can easily install your vinyl windows by following these simple steps: First of all, take a measurement carefully of the entire window frame. Measure the left and right side, upper and lower side of the window. This measurement is taken to find best fitted frame as vinyl windows are custom made that's why you should take measurement correctly. After buying appropriate windows, now it is the time to install them which will take a little time of you. First you will have to remove old windows, it can be difficult or easy depending on the fact how much old windows are. Remove the sashes that are woods which assist the window to hold there. You don't need to remove the sashes of the outside but only inner side sashes will be taken off. Be careful while removing these sashes because you will have to put them back. So don't break them but remove them carefully. If they are broken, it will be an additional burden on your budget because you will have to buy them again. If the window is supported by sash ropes, cut those ropes and bring the lower sash out. If the window is double hung then carefully lift middle sash and separate two pieces of the window carefully. After removing old windows, it is the time to replace new vinyl window in that frame. It will need some people to carry and fix the window carefully. Although it can be done through one person yet it will be difficult for one person to lift and fix the window alone. After adjusting the window, if there are any gaps, you can fill them with little strips of wood. Vinyl window has a flat bottom style so you need different shape strips to fill in the gaps. Once the window is fitted at a proper place, now, put the screws in the holes and tight them. After doing all this, make sure that you have done all the work properly. Open and close the windows for several times to make sure that windows are fixed properly. To complete the whole process, take a caulking gun and apply a thin layer of caulk around the outsides of the window. All this method is quite easy but demands some help of others.
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