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by:SanTong     2020-06-05
Competition googles - these types of goggles are generally low profile, technical, and fit close to the eye socket. Designed for racing with the close proximity to the socket reduces drag, making you more hydrodynamic. Swedish goggles are the most popular goggles among elite swimmers and Olympic athletes since 1974. The original Swedish goggles were produced by the Swedish company Malmsten AB and have had much influence on other swim goggle designs as well. They feature a ready-to-assemble racing design with a smooth seal and shatter resistant lens. Complete with string nose bridge and double strap. Swedish goggles are notable for a lack of a gasket or seal around the eye cup, as found on most other goggles. They come in various colors including clear, black, blue, green, red, amber, pink, silver metallic and bronze metallic. Much of the popularity of Swedish goggles is due to their customizable fit. Practice goggles - these are designed for everyday use and are less technical than competition goggles. Since they're meant to be worn more frequently and for longer durations than competition goggles, they generally offer a more comfortable and have more gasket rubber which softens the pressure against your eyes while creating a good seal. Recreational goggles - although fairly comfortable, recreational goggles are not great for long swimming excursions. The anti-fog film on the inside of the lenses- if they have any - tends to wear off quickly. Swimming with foggy goggles can be irritating, not to mention dangerous! Low visibility can lead to colliding with other swimmers, bumping your head on the wall, or banging into the lane rope. Types of swim goggle lenses - it is important to consider the types of lenses you will be using. There are all sorts of different colors and functions available. Mostly, you need to think about the light around you. Consider whether you want to block light or let light in. Metallic lenses or mirrored lenses are dark-tinted outdoor lenses best suited for either frequent use or competitive meets. If you swim a lot of backstroke in an outdoor pool then metallic lenses may be your best choice. However, be aware if you wear this type when it is dark or for indoor swimming your visibility may be reduced. The dark tint combined with the mirrored lenses dims everything around you. Clear and light colored lenses - generally if you will be swimming indoors or early in the day then using clear or light-colored lenses will work best. The clear lenses let the maximum amount of light through providing better visibility. Colored lenses will brighten up everything around you. Dark colored lenses - If you want versatile goggles, then black or blue lenses are a good pick for general use in well lit pools or cloudy days. These lenses don't block the sun as well as metallic lenses, nor do they make the water look lighter. There are also swim masks for snorkeling and recreational swimming. Consider you swim goggles with care and have a great time.
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