In September, electric hoist has finally ended

by:SanTong     2020-06-23
Although in the first half of the electric hoist industry major economic indicators are present negative, in the first five months, most electric hoist industry products production also continued to decline. Wire Rope Electric Hoist, Electric Chain Hoist and Low Headroom Electric Hoist production decreased by more than 5% year-on-year. But Micro - electric hoist production higher, up 3.5% from a year earlier, than fell 8.23% last month. Compared with the data from a month ago, the decline in output is improved slightly. This decision will be made by the crane engineer because each option has a more appropriate application. Collectors of this nature help make jibs more flexible because these collectors allow unlimited rotation in one direction. Simple tag electrification is like a dog's leash - eventually if the dog walks around a post enough, the leash will become wrapped around the post and the dog will not be able to move any more in that direction. Finally, the boom can be motorized itself. This option is expensive and is usually used in heavy duty or high-capacity applications. Pipe pit-casting applications typically see powered rotation jibs - in fact, the first overhead crane in the world was a wall mounted jib crane in Birmingham, Alabama. But gloomy data and have no effect on the industry confidence in the road to recovery. Association of people think that, at present the electric hoist industry development situation is stable. Though the industry is very difficult to return to high growth levels before 2011, but the phenomenon of ups and downs will rarely appears, in the future, national policy of steady growth drive will gradually appear, the industry as a whole still bullish on the situation, will present stable sustainable development. Even if the industry development, such as expert says electric hoist industry is still in a rising channel, but if the enterprise is unable to focus on solving the key parts of research and development, so certain will be disciplined by others. In the complex market environment, facing the fierce competition in the market pattern, construction machinery enterprises should actively seek new methods, to find a new way, a head.
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