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by:SanTong     2020-04-30
That is easy enough to say, however, finding the right corporate event is not always quite so easy. In this short article I will describe several different options that may just help you to decide. The first thing to consider when seeking corporate entertainment is to find an event that's inclusive for all staff. For example, motorised events will appeal to most of the male staff but not necessarily to all of them or indeed to your female staff. Many of the motorised events will involve small open vehicles moving at high speeds and in muddy conditions and is therefore unlikely to appeal to the older members of your staff are either. But if you have a body of younger staff then perhaps this sort of event would be perfect for them. Okay, so what else is there available? Outdoor events are great in the summer when the weather is likely to be good but during the winter you will need to look around in order to find something that can be done indoors or or at least mainly indoors. Not all of your staff would appreciate being outside especially if the weather is wet and windy. Outdoor events can include things like historically themed days, treasure hunts, corporate soap box derby building, it's a knockout, high ropes courses, jet ski and other water related activities. So let's take a look at each one of these in turn. The historically themed days can be quite widely interesting to all members of staff but bear in mind that some of the events may be physical such as archery and that might not appeal to some of the ladies especially if they are not used to sporting activities. A treasure hunt can be inclusive and will often take place in a town or city or using a car so there is the opportunity for shelter should the weather be inclement. Treasure hunts are particularly good corporate entertainment as they are inclusive, each person can participate constructively and it involves nothing more physical than walking. But the downside that it can be miserable if it pours down with rain or if your group is small; it works best if there are 4 or more teams. It's a knockout will probably be most popular amongst staff of a certain age who can actually remember the TV programme. And it inevitably involves getting wet and looking stupid and is generally a huge amount of fun. Jet skis, dragon boats and banana boats are also great fun but not to everyone's taste and definitely not winter events. Just make sure before organising 'wet' events that staff appreciate that it will be wet and physical and that they don't mind. The highly ropes style of event will appeal only to people with a good head for heights and who are used to physical activity so this is more likely to appeal to a younger workforce. There are various indoor events available such as giant scalextric, contemporary themed adventure games such as James Bond days, flying model helicopters in a large hanger, casino style events and things like horse racing where races have been recorded and they are played back on television, however, before showing the race on your employees use tokens to place bets as they would at the races. You need to be a little careful with these as having one thing going on for more than an hour or so can be tedious - who wants to play scalextric for 5 hours ... so when selecting an indoor event, look for variety and relatively short turn round times for each individual activity. Events offering 7 or 8 different activities during the day are about right as your staff will spend under an hour on each and will therefore be less likely to become bored and de-motivated. But again not all of these are going to be inclusive so you will need to think about the likes and dislikes, the ages, the sex balance of your staff. And if you choose wisely, the corporate jolly that you organised will be remembered for all the right reasons.
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