In view of the ship's mooring failure prevention methods are there?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
For by small flow or no berth, to reduce the flow of the hull transverse force. Has as for large flow berth, should be to increase the number of breast and is on the far shore piles, to lengthen the breast line, improve the hawser force. Still can use thrust or tug assistance, prevent hull is pushed away from the dock, decrease the mooring force. Ship stem should meet the main flow direction. If berth was mainly affected by the water, should rely on the water head, avoid by higher water head, to reduce the water pressure on the hull. Anchor and standby engine. Outer side a bulk of water anchors, the use of the anchor holding power, can reduce the flow of the cable force. In each car, before the arrival of rapids rapids when moving car to resist, also can reduce the mooring force. Attached as much as possible of the cable and the uniform stress as far as possible, and before and after the distribution should be reasonable. Rely on the water head, boat head line should focus on increasing; By higher water head, should strengthen the ship mooring. The terminal dedicated for mooring rope or chain. For ship by dock long have short, should be increased on the onshore pile and/or buoy mooring or chain. In surge of wharf, using mixed line mooring, namely the ship bollard to outboard section of steel cable, and outboard to another shore piles with fiber cable, as to reduce the wear and tear of chemical fiber rope. The problem of mooring device. To prevent rope friction caused by hull broken line, can be affected by friction parts package to canvas or other wear-resistant material, but the fundamental solution is assembled in shipbuilding omnidirectional rolling guide rope device, in order to solve the friction caused by the broken line. When the ship stem flow, the head is very tight and stern line is very loose, should be appropriate tightening stern line, don't leave the dock to make the ship stern so as to reduce the magnitude of impulse and before and after the hull to turn right or left; If the ship stem downstream without horizontal wind, stern line on alert and head line is loose, should be appropriate tightening head line.
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