Island peak climbing is one of easiest mountain

by:SanTong     2020-06-18
The first Island peak expedition was staged in 1953 by a British team as a training exercise in preparation for Mount Everest. Tenzing Norgay was one of the members of this first ascent team. The peak was named by Eric Shipton party in 1953 as it reminded them of an island in the sea of ice when viewed from Dingboche. The climb follows a steep but a simple snow field with an easy ridge summit. It is a very satisfying peak climbing adventure due to its extraordinary scenery, team work crossing a glacier and a crevasse near the headwall and using fixed rope close to the summit. It could be great mountain climbing adventure in Nepal for a fit family or a group of fit friends or maybe even a bonding and team building exercise for a corporate motivation building team. Island peak expedition due to its logistics can be very versatile and it can be suitable for a small mountain climbing team just of 2 to a larger expeditions consisting of up to 12 members. The cost of mountain climbing permit in Nepal for peak less than 6500m is also very low and combining it with easy access from Lukla it presents a very economical and safe peak climbing expedition opportunity. The climb on a broad ridge is very safe and it can be safely executed even by climbers without experience of mountain climbing in Nepal just with a support of experienced climbing Sherpa guides. A nice thing about Island peak expedition is that there is no requirement for establishing base camp, extended stay in the base camp and associated politics of climbing guides and climbers egos and competitions. The Island Peak climbing is a very pleasant alpine style classic ridge climb accessible to wide range of climbers and hence is a very popular choice for an introductory commercial climb, yet even with few groups doing the climb at the same time it never becomes an ugly spectacle of Mount Everest climb. A spectacular and exciting mountain flight to Lukla airport together with the opportunity to trek to Everest Base camp and a very pleasant and safe climb add up to an irresistible Himalayan adventure. About Author:
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