Italian Greyhound Playing Indoor Games

by:SanTong     2020-06-23
Sometimes it is hard to get your Italian Greyhound enough exercise outdoors. It may be raining or snowy or ice-y. Or, you may not have time to exercise your Italian Greyhound due to work or visitors. Or, you may be ill or injured and unable to take your Italian Greyhound outdoors for all the exercise he needs or wants. These are times for doing indoor exercise. Dogs that are prey-driven such as Italian Greyhounds love chasing things like laser lights or silly balls. Sight hounds often love to fetch a stuffed toy such as a rabbit or duck. Many dogs love to fetch a ball and bring it back to you all afternoon if your arm is up to throwing it or rolling it over and over. Other dogs like to play tug-of-war. Laser Light Chaser A laser pet toy shines a red light in five different shapes including a dot, a smiley face, a star, a mouse, or a butterfly. Shine this red light and watch your Italian Greyhound go crazy chasing it around the house or around in circles or figure-8s. Shine it under and around your dog and around pieces of furniture or around a corner to watch your dog seek it and try to catch it. Be careful not to shine it in his eyes. Look for pet laser lights at pet stores or in the checkout lanes of large retailers. Silly Ball Chaser There are a variety of types of silly balls: balls that flash lights when touched, balls that make noises when rolled, and balls that roll in crazy directions. Some balls do more than one thing. The best part of this type of toy is that your Italian Greyhound can play with these by himself (for as long as he wants) by pushing them with his nose or rolling them with his paw. Or he can chase it when you roll it through the house. Brand names include Wiggly Giggly, Meterorlight ball, Powzer Flash 'n' Dash, Zap Ball, and Blinky Ball. They are readily available at pet stores, many retailers, and through the internet. Tug-of-War Player Tug toys include rope toys and stuffed toys which often have long, stretchy tails or wings. It is really important that you tug back and forth (left and right) and never up and down to keep from loosening your dog's teeth. Don't be surprised if your Italian Greyhound emits growls while playing with a tug toy with you. This is not aggressive; it is either showing excitement or begging you to play. Just remember that you should always be the one to initiate the game (pick up the toy and say 'take it') and you should always be in control. Whatever you choose to do with your Italian Greyhound, have fun together and make sure you are in charge. Only play on your schedule and if you can get your dog to release the toy and sit whenever you ask. Don't allow your dog to guard the toy. Use a treat to change your dog's attention. Initiate a time out if she ever touches you with her teeth even accidently.
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