Jewelry chains are an essential jewelry component

by:SanTong     2020-06-21
Online jewelry stores don't always show close-ups of the jewelry chains used in jewelry, but you will shop with confidence once you become familiar with some of the most popular types of chains. Here are some for your reference. Rolo Chain: A rolo chain is made up of symmetrical links that are joined together. Rolo chains are elegant alone and a fabulous chain for any bauble, bangle or bead. They are ideally suited for hanging charms and dangles to great effects. Wheat Chain: To make a wheat chain, oval and twisted oval links are connected and intertwined together. The result is an intricate chain with a great deal of visual texture. Box Chain: a box chain is made up of square links that are connected to create a smooth chain. Each link is wide, square, and interconnects with the next. Box chains are simple, slender chains fashioned from interconnected rectangular links. Snake Chain: snake chains consist of wavy metal rings woven together in a zigzag pattern that emulates snake scales. Each link curves slightly at its middle and the links join to form a flexible tube. Bead Chain: beads chains are often seen on dog tag style necklaces, and necklace or bracelets with a single pendant or charm. They can be double, triple and even quadruple layered for additional style. Curb Chain: they are oval-shaped links twisted and often diamond-cut to lie flat. This type of chain has delicate detailed links, and is a more traditional style, which hangs naturally into a definite point at the pendant centre. Rope Chain: this chain is just what it sounds like, two thick strands woven together giving the appearance of a spiral, made up of a series of small, oval-shaped links. This a classic elegant, timeless design which is always in demands. All the above jewelry chains are easily found in online jewelry stores. But I am sure many of you have met a problem just like me before that the chains were very chaotic when you received from your suppliers. Because those chains are packed in bunch but not spooled well. You have to spend much time on unfastening them. And you have to pay extra money if you use hourly worker to do that for you, as we all know that the cost for hourly worker is not cheap, especially inUSAand European countries. But this problem has been solved once my friends recommended, findings and gems online wholesaler to me. It can offer spooled chains in different materials, colors, sizes and shapes. What's more, it can offer processing service for putting chains on spools, cutting chains (for example1m/bag) and others at your request. And the processing fee is quite cheap asChinahas the largest cheap labors all over the world.
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