Lanyards are one of those things that are always

by:SanTong     2020-06-09
Here's our top 6 list of the uses of lanyards: For identification purposes: School and college IDs are worn around the neck by the use of lanyards Australia. Lanyards worn around the neck are imprinted with the name of the university, serving for the purpose of identification. At times, when a school/college has multiple branches across the city or even across the country, the name of the branch is printed along with the name of the school for identifying during the annual meets where all the schools take part.They make for good promotional products: Lanyards make for good promotional items at trade fairs, conferences etc. People get their corporate names printed on lanyards so that people can easily identify a person as a part of some corporate group. At trade shows, since there's a huge in-flow of people, it's good to wear customized lanyards so that people notice your brand and your brand gains recognition.For key chains: Lanyards are good for holding your car, motorbike and home keys. You can put your keys in the lanyards using the hook provided. Generally, people who don't have pockets but need to keep their keys use lanyards. Such people include church administrators and fellow workers.Holding your mobile phones: Public places like train stations and airports are the most common place where people have reported cases of cell phone theft. It's really easy for pickpockets to flick cell phones and fade in oblivion at such places. It's better to hold the cell phone by the use of lanyards that are worn around the neck whilethe cell phone can be put inside your shirt pocket.Attaching it to spectacles: Spectacles are an expensive item. People carelessly forget them at a friend's place or in a restaurant! It's better to make sure it's always with you, by attaching lanyards and hanging them around the neck.Luggage Tags: Lanyards can be used as luggage cords for pulling heavy bags. They can hold details like your name, phone number and address so in case your luggage goes missing, someone who finds it will know where to call.
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