Large tree removal is not for the average person to attempt

by:SanTong     2020-04-23
An amateur should never attempt this even on a tree that has already fallen. There is a serious risk of falling from the branches. Even a short fall can cause serious injury. Cutting down a tree and allowing it to fall freely is also extremely dangerous. There is the distinct possibility that the trunk will snap prematurely causing critical injury to the cutter. It is also almost impossible to tell in which direction it will fall. We have all seen the home videos on TV where some beer-soaked macho man fells a large tree and watches in disbelief as it falls on his car or house. The weight of a falling tree limb can be hundred of pounds and capable of causing serious injury. Tree limbs require special three-point cutting methods to prevent them from swinging back and knocking the cutter from his foothold. A tree trunk, even if it is successfully cleared of its limbs, is extremely heavy and can weigh several tons. Predicting the direction it will fall is a dangerous guessing game and a job for a trained professional. If a tree has already fallen due to a storm, soil saturation or ice buildup it can be an even greater threat to anyone who attempts to remove it. The tree could be resting on power lines or leaning on a building where it could suddenly move throwing anyone in the branches to the ground or it could abruptly slide off whatever is supporting it and crash to the ground. A professional will secure the tree before attempting to climb it. Even if it appears to be lying on the ground freely it can still easily and suddenly roll as its supporting branches break from its tremendous weight. Call an emergency tree removal service if you see a tree that has fallen or shifted. Keep a safe distance from it. Removing trees is a job to be performed only by trained individuals with the proper equipment. It is a very dangerous occupation for the professional and should not ever be considered an option for the amateur.
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