Lifting with the characteristics of the cable and what is the relationship between material?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Polyester production process including polycondensation and melt spinning of two parts, mainly from oil cracking, heating oil cracking are toluene, xylene and ethylene, etc. , can be obtained after chemical processing terephthalic acid or dimethyl terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, add a certain functional masterbatch, product density of 136 g/cm3, soluble in phenol matters chloroethane, o-chlorophenol, such as solvent, hygroscopicity, acid resistance, high chemical stability and polyamide, and good light resistance. Fiber in - 40℃- - + 250 ℃ temperature embrittlement, deformation, each fiber cable is independent. Because of hoisting belt between material containing poly benzene formyl m-phenylene diamine fiber material, makes the hoisting with specific uv radiation. As the technology progress and development in the field of hoisting, lifting belt has a lot of improvement, the performance of the port is below the nebula-rich complex to introduce the uv resistance, after all how is lifting belt with uv resistance? Lifting with the specific characteristics of main material related with it. Lifting belt is generally adopt high quality high strength low stretch of polyester filament yarn manufacturing, namely China commodity called polyester, also called polyester fiber. Anyhow, lifting belt in multiple applications is gaining recognition in the field of industry, some areas of the lifting belt is gradually replacing the wire rope play an important role, but because of the negligence on the maintenance and purchase of hoisting accidents also happen from time to tome, relevant protective need manufacturers vigorously popularize knowledge.
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