Line winches are more known for their use on cars

by:SanTong     2020-06-04
You can have winches of various sizes with some models being able to be pole mounted. A big overhead line winch has a pulling force of around two tonnes, depending on the model. To be able to pull with such force, they use hydraulic drum winches with enough flexibility. On top of that, a hydraulic line spreader is fitted to the machine to allow the person operating the overhead line winch to make sure that the rope is directly fed in on the drums thus reducing any damage to the rope. This kind of machine is equipped with different elements to guarantee safety and is for example equipped with safe brakes that hold the load at complete stop. They are also fitted with a dead mans handle which is another safety where the load will be maintained if the control is released. You can decide how best you want to use the winch by either fitting one, two or three drums depending on the size of the cables or ropes you are using. Smaller overhead line winches can be used much more easily. They usually are built to include an engine to pull the rope or cable, a gearbox to control the engine and various other elements like a pole frame if they can be pole mounted. Their main advantages are that they are obviously smaller and lighter and can be mounted quickly on a pole and put into action straight afterward. The pulling force they have is obviously smaller than with the other line winches and it greatly depends on its size. A smaller overhead line winch can usually pull around four hundred kilograms. There are many different accessories available that can be fitted on a line winch like split drums, drum shafts or even winch covers and drum tensioning devices. Drum trailer are also needed when you use heavy line winches and have to deal with long ropes or cables, as you will have to use bigger drums. Other pieces of equipment used in cable installation will have to be properly insulated, so insulated tools and arc flash protection clothing should be used at all time when working around cables.
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