Manila what matters should be paid attention to when using?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Manila to lifting light components and as a general stress is not the cable wind rope, rope, etc. Manila is made of sisal stems fibre rub into line, line to rub into shares, then turned into a rope. Manila will typically have three, four and nine shares 3 kinds. And there came of the oiled and not oiled. Oiled Manila rope is not easy to rot, but the material to harden, not easy to bend, strength than not oiled rope to lower 10% ~ 20%, therefore use less during the lifting operations. Not oiled Manila rope under dry condition, better elasticity and strength, but after be affected with damp be affected with damp perishable, so use fixed number of year is shorter. Manila should be paid attention to when using: ( 1) Manila rope wear around the block, the diameter of the pulley should be greater than 10 times the diameter of the rope. ( 2) Roll Manila in away when used, should be rolled the rope flat on the ground, there will be a line head side on the bottom, from volumes to pull out the rope, then according to the length of the need to cut off. Cut off before the application of fine wire or hemp rope tied to cut off Manila on either side of the mouth, in order to prevent the cable head loose after cut off. ( 3) Manila rope in use, such as kink, should try to shake straight, otherwise easy to break when the rope tension. Knot in the Manila should not pass through the narrow places such as a block and tackle, so as to avoid extra pressure on the rope and the intensity of lower. ( 4) Manila rope should be put in dry and ventilated place, in order to prevent decay, don't contact with paint, acid, alkali and other chemicals, to prevent corrosion. ( 5) When using the Manila should avoid as far as possible on the coarse artifacts or drag on the ground. Sharp edge banding artifacts, liner bag, board, etc.
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