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by:SanTong     2020-04-28
When it comes to the double Dutch skipping ropes exercises, they are one of the best exercises out there that can easily change your life and mood. Even though this name might sounds strange to you, I can bet that you have already seen a lot of kids doing this on the street and you have certainly seen it in some music videos from the 80s especially. Yet even though kids are the ones that mainly enjoy this, you should not worry, as an adult you can also enjoy it as well. Not only is double dutch skipping something that can keep you fit, but there are also national contests that are held each year and the prizes are huge. So let us delve more into what double dutch skipping rope is and how it is performed. First of all, you will need to make use of 2 separate chords that will have of course, equal lengths. The lengths will have to be around twelve to sixteen feet. The materials that you will most of the times find these ropes to be made of are fabric threads and in some cases, plastic can also be used. When it comes to plastic made ropes, they are by far more durable and they are the choice of the majority as well. The costs for buying a double dutch skipping rope are not high, so you will not have to worry about the fact that it will empty your wallet. There are three people that will need to participate. Each person will have to have two ends of the chords in their hands and the ropes will have to be in a parallel position before starting. It is a very good exercise for those that want to stay in shape, because it helps them tone their muscles and increase their physical resistance. Blood circulation is improved a lot and not only that, but when jumping the rope, breathing is an essential aspect you must learn how to control. Proper oxygenation to the body also results in improved body functions and overall a better mood. Another niche in which double dutch skipping rope is useful in is children's playground games. It helps out a lot with having the moves coordinated and it improves fitness and confidence also. Gymnastics can also be performed while jumping this type of rope especially at competition level, so we can fairly say that it is quite an artistic exercise and sport.
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