Marine cable force monitoring and early warning system for feasibility analysis

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
1, the structure of the feasibility of Marine mooring force detection and warning system structure on the main use of electronic information technology, the important structures including should force sensitive device and signal transmission equipment, and digital display device and alarm. This design includes data acquisition unit, data transmission unit, data processing unit, using the commonly used electronic components, principle of simple structure, reliable performance, high intelligent degree, can realize Marine cable stress the function of real-time monitoring, early warning, rope towing and mooring operation security.   2, technical feasibility based on force sensitive sensor and wireless transmission, through single chip microcomputer technology show the warning, and may through the APP programming technology to realize real-time monitoring terminal more realistic technical means, and compared with the existing results, the design of the beneficial effects include: 1) Principle of simple structure, high intelligent degree, the commonly used electronic components, reliable performance and can realize Marine cable stress the function of real-time monitoring, early warning, protect the safety of Marine rope towing and mooring operations; 2) The responsive signal amplifier, can realize the weak signal amplification, and the distortion degree is low, further improve the efficiency of detection and warning; 3) Strong anti-jamming capability, signal transmission device can realize high-speed acquisition signal transmission, improve the efficiency of early warning. 3, the operation feasibility of this design using the modern engineering technology, by will include force sensitive sensor, wireless transmission, display warning three subsystems optimization design on the existing theoretical results, and combined by single chip microcomputer and APP programming, intelligentize degree is high, anti-jamming and environmental suitability strong, can meet the demand of modern shipping construction intellectualization, implementation is convenient and effective in operation.   4, economic feasibility Marine cable force real-time monitoring and warning system starting from the actual feasibility, in order to realize accurate, effective and timely access to multiple Marine cable stress state, is based on the actual effect of the sound-light alarm functions to large extent overcome the man-made factors, effectively prevent the happening of the accident broken cable. So after the success of the project research and development could be widely used in ships towing and mooring operation, fixed service in emergency rescue, accident, or towage, departure on the mooring and securing job, will greatly reduce the risk of mooring operation. At the same time also can be applied to Marine cable strength checking standard specification, in the service of shipping operator. So short offset to the industry will make the project results has good application prospect and development of the market, the economic benefit is obvious. In the maritime industry hold up time logistics economy today, ship constantly tend to automation, large scale, navigation safety are all watches. Marine cable force detection and warning system based on actual condition of broken cable accident recurrent industry, using the scientific theoretical basis and technical support for the design of a Marine cable real-time monitoring system research and development, design focuses on the actual effect. In the rescue, emergency towing and mooring ship to offer reference to the stability and safety of research on the value, not only for Marine mooring operation, effectively reduce Marine rope friction of extending the service life of the Marine cable, has practical significance for reducing operating costs, more beneficial to guarantee the ship personnel, property and the Marine environment safety of the ship.
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