Marine cable hoisting belt maintenance and maintenance knowledge

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Before using the lifting belt, please read the assembly instructions, check the lifting belt in good condition, check the main contents including but not limited to the following: external wear: due to friction caused by the external wear rope yarn faults; Or cut caused by hard objects rope yarn faults; Internal injuries: because of repeated loading was distorted or hard sundries embed rope internal damage; Before and after using, response to fiber rope and metal accessories for visual check. Not allowed to use lifting with overload, such as using several at the same time, should as far as possible is uniformly distributed load in several hoisting belt. More limb fiber rope sling, lifting the biggest between limb Angle should be less than 90 °. Knot should not be used or other methods to adjust the length of the sling, don't make the lifting belt knot, twist, do not allow the lifting belt hanging the goods time is too long. Soft ring are not allowed to be with any may cause damage to the device to connect, soft ring joint hanging device should be smooth, no sharp edges, its size and shape should not tear seams lifting belt. In the mobile, condole belt and cargo should not drag and drop. Should not be used without sheath condole carries the goods there are sharp corners, edge. If used in high temperature circumstance or lifting chemicals such as abnormal environment using the harness, should according to the guidance of the manufacturers and sellers, suggest to use; Condole belt or soiled in acid and alkali environment after use, should immediately rinse with cool water. Avoid soft ring ( Lug) More than 20 ° open Angle. Dangerous goods loading and unloading operation, working load should not exceed 80% of the sling safe working load. Wet by water sling is lower than 0 ℃ environment cannot use the operator training before using the lifting belt, tight to let trained operators with lifting job considering lifting with special structure, not allowed to repair damaged hoisting belt, according to the using situation as scrap. Lifting belt in use process such as in the following circumstances, should be identified as scrap, stop using immediately. Ribbon ( Including the cases) Severe wear, perforation, incision, tear; Bearing seams protruding, thread grinding off; Lifting with fibre softening, aging and smaller elastic, strength weakened; Fiber surface roughness flaky; Lifting with a fast knot; Lifting belt surface has too much dot, loose, corrosion, acid and alkali loss, and hot melting or burning. Lifting belt maintenance and maintenance: lifting belt should prevent the steam during storage, moisture and corrosive medium of erosion and the effects of ultraviolet light. Storage place should have ventilation, dry and free of direct sunlight conditions, suspension or put a sling device should be used in anti-corrosion materials are kept separate from the nail plate, column, etc. Be affected with damp be affected with damp fiber lifting belt should be placed in a well-ventilated environment natural dry before storage. Contamination of the corrosive medium fiber lifting belt, should be rinsed clean and put in air of natural ventilation, no direct sunlight place, not roasted, baked, or other method for dry processing.
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