Marine cable manufacturer analysis of the main causes of hoisting accident for you

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Terminals, ports, high altitude lifting job vulnerable to wind, heat, rain and snow, the influence of factors such as insufficient light, buried under the safe hidden trouble, this requires not only to choose the high quality of hoisting equipment, quality and combination of words and plan of hoisting process precision, strict supervision, the Marine rope manufacturer listed 10 content is common in lifting 10 counts of negligence, is also the main reason for the frequent safety accidents. A, high operation safety protection facilities aging material strength is not enough, installation, wear and so on, main show is: used as a protective barrier materials such as steel tube, discharge fastener due to insufficient thickness, corrosion, fastener is unqualified and broken, deformation loss protection; Hanging basket scaffold wire rope breakage due to friction, corrosion causes tilt hanging basket, fall and cause people to fall; Construction scaffolding due to insufficient strength on the bending deformation and broken cause its personnel to fall; For other facilities ( The hand chain hoist, electric hoist, etc. ) Damage caused by related personnel to fall; Second, the labor protection articles defects, mainly for high homework personnel safety helmet, safety belt, safety rope, lifting belt, non-slip shoes and other items damaged due to inherent defect, fracture, loss of non-slip function caused by a fall accident, some units covet is cheap, only know the price when buying labor protection articles, regardless of whether there is a production license, product quality certificate, lead to employees of labor protection articles itself quality problems, don't safety protection. Three, command, illegal operation, violation of labor discipline 'three violations' behavior. Main show is: no high erection assignments operation qualification personnel engaging in the operations in which high erection, such as the project manager assigned personnel to take down the scaffolding without scaffolder operation certificate that is illegal orders; Do not have high job qualification ( Conditions) Personnel engaging in the operations in which high without authorization, according to the construction and installation staff safety technology operating rules 'the relevant provisions of the personnel engaging in the operations in which high to regular physical examination, who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, epilepsy and other is not suitable for engaging in the operations in which high working personnel shall not be engaged in of higher. Four, dismantling, without the prior permission of the site safety personnel safety protection facilities, such as shift operation in masonry floors surrounding masonry homework when dismantling, protective barrier around the floor for illegal operations. Five, not into operation in accordance with the provisions of channel, but casual climb balconies, crane boom, etc. The specified channel.   Six, dismantle scaffold, tic-tac-toe frame, tower crane or template support system provides enough without specialist care and not according to stipulations set of protective measures, many fall accidents are happened in this case. Seven, the work high above the not dressed as stipulated in the labor discipline personal labor protection articles ( Safety helmet, safety belt, non-slip shoes) And so on. Eight, inattention, mainly for job or do not pay attention to observe the surrounding environment is safe before taking action and reckless actions, such as not see at the foot of the scaffolding is the probe plate or rot and walk to fall injury accident, or into the injury accidents caused by dangerous parts. Nine, construction site safety inspection and rectification is not in place, to the construction site safety protection facilities damaged without timely repair, high operation personnel is not in accordance with the provisions, wear safety protection articles and nobody tube, high measure people working does not perform high no supervision and management, etc. Ten, open mobile operation make the limb, the place such as the mouth of the cave, operation platform of safety protection facilities increased frequency of the natural corrosion, artificial damage, was increased.
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