Marine cable production process of wire drawing attention?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Here said the Marine cable wire drawing is refers to the raw material after pickling, phosphating, shell, breakdown, pull, pull on one or more intervening to change its molecular mechanism, a kind of technology to the target of the diameter of the tool. Raw materials have 0. 14 ~ 10. 00 mm black metal and diameter of 0. 01 ~ 16. 00 mm of non-ferrous metal. Pickling: with acid wash wire rope surface corrosion materials and the process of the rolling skin also called shell in the steel wire rope production process, mainly the oxide of the dissection, in order to avoid rust and other impurities affect the breakdown, damage the wire drawing die. Phosphating: popular said is to material immersed in phosphate solution, make its surface a layer of phosphate film of the technology of insoluble in water. To a certain extent, to prevent corrosion. Breakdown: through a variety of control wire mould center must have the shape of the hole, round, square, octagon, or other special shapes. When metal to force through the die hole size and shape change. Cold wire drawing: ordinary round steel, make it through the diameter of the smaller than it forcibly pulled in the hole, the diameter of round steel would have been smaller, length of elongation, repeating the process, the round steel would have been a further smaller. Produce this plastic deformation after steel hardness increases, the plastic will almost disappear. Does not require the plasticity, only requires strength, can use the steel. Tempering: because the molecular structure of the steel wire has been destroyed, only temper again to restore the structure of the steel wire inside. So that the drawing again, this is not easy to fracture, but also to what we want. The tensile strength of strength is that we said. Strength is drawing out of, not out of the heat treatment. This is the process and machining process of the difference between the wire rope. The general intensity: n/was 1470, 1570 n/was, n/was 1670, 1770 n/was, n/was 1870, 1960 n/was. The higher the strength, the stronger the pull, but toughness. So, we should choose the appropriate intensity on wire rope type selection. Can not blindly high strength. High strength steel wire rope tension is strong, but weak in wear-resisting degree and flexibility.
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