Marine rope manufacturer body harness matching principle is analysed and on the maintenance

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The body harness is a worker's clothing for the fall protection personal protective products. Its main role is to prevent high homework personnel crashed, or crashed after will hang homework personnel safety, protect it from damage, also won't slip from the seat belt. Hanging point of the static load should satisfy every hang point on the seat belt must be able to withstand greater than 15 kn static load of 3 minutes ( GB6095 - 2009, EN361 and E358) Fall protection system, the only allowed forms of seat belts is the body harness. This shall be carried out according to the work, and work environment to choose: common configuration environment description recommended scaffolding, construction with single point seat belt, buffer tether or double fork buffer system cable, brake fall roof repair and maintenance of train hang three points in the body harness, double fork buffer zone, horizontal lifeline, people fall brake general factory overhead working with single point seat belt, personal fall brake power industry with a belt body harness, positioning of rope, rope sling, buffer system, fall brake fork, double buffer tether body harness common there are three main categories: 1. With single point seat belt: the most common form of seat belts can be used in almost any fall prevention. At the back of the type D ring seat belt was preferred recommended hang up! 2. Double hanging point seat belt: ( Also known as the three hanging point seat belt) The most common form of seat belts can be used in almost any fall prevention, especially suitable for climbing up and down. 3. Safety belt: (with a belt Also known as the five belt hanging point) Need to implement work positioning, and need to be protected against falling. Wear full-body seat belt: 1. Hold seat belt type D ring back, shaking belt, make all of the woven back in situ. Check each part of the seat belts are in good condition without damage. Read labels and make sure the size is appropriate. 2. If chest belt, belt, or hip belt buckle did not open, please unlock weaving belt or buckle. 3. Put shoulder to shoulder, let D ring in the position of the back between the shoulder. 4. From between my legs to pull out of the hip, from the back with one hand holding the back of the hip from the forward under the other hand, does catch button and with the front end of the mouth. Button in the same way the second root ruthlessly. If you have belt buckle, please hip belt buckle. 5. Button chest strap and should be fixed in the middle of the chest position, tighten straps, excess shoulder belt through the belt clip to prevent loosening. 6. When all the ribbon and buckle buckle, tighten all the buckles, keep the belt strap as far as possible close to the body, but it will not affect the activity. The ribbon of the excess wear to prevent loose belt clip. In the work environment, the work high above the environment is the most dangerous and may cause serious accidents and injuries. In high-altitude operations, you need to use your seat belt. When purchasing a product is selected as far as possible to fall protection system can be compatible with all the other components. It is necessary to ensure compliance with completely before use in every part of specific proposals, such as using the instructions specified in the proposal. As far as possible to distribute personal protective products to personal use, Someone special) 。 Users need to have the ability to use the product, these people have received formal training or in a competent and experienced people operating under supervision and guidance. Make sure you are using this kind of personal protective products fully trained, and want to make sure that you fully understand the principle of operation. When use, to prevent personal protective products of the working environment all dangerous damage: high temperature, electrical or mechanical impact, acid solution, and so on. Before use, have to make a visual inspection to the seat belt: & have spent   Seat belts & have spent didn't start to appear rupture or damage to the   Type 'D' ring no deformation & have spent   Retaining ring work well & have spent   Secure suture & have spent   Metal parts in good condition in order to ensure to prolong the life of a seat belt, also ensure your safety. After use must take the initiative to clean check seat belt usage: seat belts should be cleaned with mild soap and water, can not use acid, solvents or any item based on acid or solvents. Away from heat source to dry, well ventilated place. To save your seat belt where there is no moisture and ultraviolet ray avoid corrosive gas and hot or too cold. Should be paid attention to in the management of safety belt type does not choose save improper storage, using the wrong, fall brake, mechanical deformation, exposure to chemicals ( Acid and alkali) , with higher heat source> 60 ℃.
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