Marine sling cables of risk control measures have?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
When the wire strands of sling cables and in place, should be immediately with sling wire section extrusion into circular taut wire machine. A long-span suspension bridge generally need to match 4 taut wire machine, so that to 1 cable mainspan and cross taut wire symmetry position. Taut wire generally south across to the main tower and tight 1 per meter circle, tight and knocked with wooden stakes. And then press with baling press gap strapping steelskin take 2 ~ 3, in order to avoid the wire loosen. In the cable length on firm after compaction, marked the rope clamp can be position} On the wire. Installation of cable clip before cat way panel can be suspended on the wire, cable clip tight hoop on the wire with high strength bolt, by sling clamp and the friction force between the steel cable, so the high strength bolts should twist, repeatedly in stages to twist commonly 3 ~ 4 times. Sling clamp after ok, sling can be installed. Pay attention to the sling for protection. Subsection hoisting must pay attention to the symmetrical balance load and keep the beam section of docking, as for concrete box girder, the docking process is more complicated, dehumidification, joint construction and wearing beam, zhang tuan, grouting and sealing process, this a few word sequence can affect precision linear stiffening girder and cables. In addition, also note stiffening beam connection with derrick structure, the structure of the bearings and wind bearings and the installation of expansion, etc. During the construction of the stiffening girder, the stiffening girder with the order of connection structure of derrick lifting and methods are designed to do, it is important to pay special attention to the wind resistance measures in the process of hoisting. Due to cable hoisting cable under load is in the process of gradually increase, so must be after each load measuring the change of the wire line and, as compared with the designed linear if discrepancy is larger, should consider to adjust the sling order.
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