Marquees are like the new age portable outdoor shelter

by:SanTong     2020-06-06
Marquees Melbourne comes in many sizes, shapes and also for different occasions. To identify which marquee you need, you first need to decide why you are buying a marquee. Also since there are wide choices available, think of your needs and your budget before you go to purchase it. Some of the most popular types of marquees are: 1. Traditional Marquee: The designs and shapes of these canopies might have evolved over the time but traditional marquees are still preferred by many. They are made from modern fabrics but crafted in olden styles. Usually to give the whole traditional ambience, the interiors of these marquees are styles with country decoration pieces. Rent one of these if your event is a wedding or a big party. 2. Pole Marquees: If you are not hosting any big event but only want to camp with your friends, pole marquees is the most suitable. They are made up on canvas and held together by poles and rope. This is similar to a tent but much simpler to assemble. Buy this if you want a true camping ambience! 3. Pop up Marquees: These are small canopies and are best for little events. They are highly portable and can be assembled within minutes. Supported by aluminum stands and made of weather resistant plastic, they are widely used in small scale outdoor events. If you want to have a bake sale or put up an advertising stall, this is what you need. Also, they are highly affordable! 4. Garden Marquees: Most suitable for mid-size events like birthdays or a casual BBQ. Why to let your guests burn in the sun or get wet in the rain. Rent a garden marquee to have a weather proof party in your garden. They are made from durable fabric supported by rods on all corners for support. Easily erectable in the garden area, you can choose from many patterns and prints available! 5. Folding Marquees: If you are a frequent organizer of small stalls and events, folding marquee is the best option and also the most budget friendly way to go about it. They are small and very convenient to store. Made up using 4 aluminum rods and weather proof fabric for the top, it uses minimum space both for setting up and storing.
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