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by:SanTong     2020-06-24
Children always want to be around like their parents, they want to take an active part in their lives, to be as beautiful as mom and dad, and coming to classes at the fitness club, begin to imitate their already involved in fitness to parents. But often, and vice versa.Parents take their child to engage in children's groups and together with its fumes are aware of the need for physical activity in life and come themselves to fitness. As a result - all involved in fitness, formed a healthy generation, solved the main objective - human health. So nice to see family, who hastened to our club: Dad after work, after-school child, her mother, barely having time to have a second or third child, not only is she trains, but also brings her baby into the world of fitness. This is particularly important because every year a growing number of children not attending preschool institutions and not getting enough physical activity. But if a child and goes to kindergarten or school, it is often these institutions, in view of poor funding, lack of qualified professionals and equipment can not solve all health problems of physical education, not to mention the fact that physical education classes in schools and kindergartens often completely absent an individual approach to the child, do not count his psychological characteristics. You can certainly give a child in any sports section. However, classes in these sections take up the child a lot of time and effort that is beginning to affect his academic and overall development, and psychologically, the child is very hard to 'hard' conditions 'big' sports, in addition to the sports clubs , with their focus on results is not uncommon injuries and overloading. So if you're not dreaming of a sports career for their child, in our fitness club, where every child gets a full load that is adequate for his age, is quite sufficient for its harmonious, both physical and intellectual development. What good is fitness for the baby? First of fitness is no occupational injuries, and secondly, the psyche of the child is not injured, he does not feel 'loser' if he did not 'best' because children's fitness in our club is primarily an adaptive and adaptable: the adaptation, as taught to live in society, adapting, so as to each child is used individually. The main tool, which work with children using teachers of our club is a game. The guys get into a spacious hall, where they were waiting for a fairy tale. How much more interesting to travel on footpaths, hills, caves and hummocks! Teacher each time creating new stories and ways. And every time the different fairy-tale characters come to visit. And who does not become lazy - it's so cool to wake a sleeping dog in a box, and then run away from it and hide in his house. Or catch the most fish. Children make a fairly complex exercise without hesitation, with pleasure. Many important teaching moments are easily implemented through the game. So move around the room, accompanied by chants, promotes the development of the speech apparatus. This method is called logoritmika - preparation of speech in association with the movement. It is very important to come to school with a set speech, and a well-developed memory. We all remember the childhood game of 'Magpie'. In the arsenal of children's instructor of our club such a great variety of games! Finger exercises and exercises for the shoulder belt does not only contribute to the development of the brush, but a beneficial effect on language development. Within the walls of our club for the second year of the dance studio, teaching various aspects of dance, with elements of gymnastics to develop motor coordination, flexibility, plasticity and grace. But the beauty of the body is impossible without the beauty of spirit, and human development - is, first of all, the development of his inner harmony. Discovering yoga - is a universal system of rehabilitation of the child to his / her moral development, enhance immunity, to correct violations of the posture. It is difficult to explain to the child the importance of breathing exercises, the child is of little interest that these exercises train the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and are a good means of preventing respiratory disease. But if these exercises are presented to him as funny and interesting game, then he is happy to be 'puffing like a locomotive, or blow out an imaginary candle. In our club you can do as a family, here everyone can find something for everyone. For example, until your child to fitness training, mom can relax in the sauna or swimming pool, beauty parlor, choose the exercise of women's programs. At the same time, dad can do the work on his body in a well-equipped gym. Many children come to us with their grandparents, for which there is also something for everyone and also very useful for older people - PILATES, articular gymnastics, yoga. Remarkably, when the sport and health unite the whole family! Finally we note that children, like adults, it is essential to attend classes regularly, but in this case it will be visible and tangible result. Good luck! See you at our club! PROGRAMS CHILDREN'S CLUB From '0' to year 'Swimming with babies.' Experienced, skilled and attentive professionals can help your crumbs to adapt to the aquatic environment, combined with massage and tempering procedures. From one year to three years 'Mum and baby.' All classes are conducted with the participation of parents. 'Fitness' - learning motor skills (walking, running, jumping, climbing), ball games on the development of motor coordination. For this age 'Mom and baby. Developing games. Combine gaming activities to the physical and intellectual development of children both on land and in water. 'The musical rhythm.' If your child loves music, funny songs and dances - it's a lesson for you. 'Psychology.' Geeks are not born, they become. Our best specialists will help you discover the world crumbs. Three to four years For the youngest members in an expanded range of programs for children including health - wellness programs: 'Live Balls' - the most popular class on the ball, aiming at the correct development and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system, the development of motor coordination and dexterity. 'We start to play.' Through mobile games develop all the physical qualities. 'Rhythmics'. The development of a sense of rhythm, coordination and plastic movements. Medical - Preventive: Healthy legs. ' Correction and prevention of violations of the ankles, the strengthening of leg muscles. Developmental - education lessons: 'ABC communication'. Activity aimed at building skills of interpersonal interaction with peers and adults. 'The development of speech.' Lesson sound of speech, aimed at enriching your vocabulary, improving phrasal and coherent speech that affects the formation of thinking, attitudes and beliefs. 'Montessori.' Popular trend of teaching children, based on sensory development.Specially equipped room waiting for your children. 'Levels of Creativity.' In the lessons laid the development of creativity as the ability to be creative. And of course the water - a lesson 'Fish'. Familiarity with the water in the form of games and special exercises in a relaxed atmosphere with the use of special equipment. From five to seven years Perhaps, in this age of the most popular and beloved are playing lessons. 'Magic hoop', 'Merry rope', 'Happy Balls' - aimed at strengthening and maintaining the health of your child. Improvement in his physical fitness, develop mental abilities and speech in the play form of age-appropriate skills. At this age, still underdeveloped and stamina is important not to miss the sensitive period develop flexibility. Therefore, in our schedule before the lesson 'Plastic gymnastics.' On remedial lessons of 'strongmen', 'Correction of posture and foot' in the exercises are primarily used to overcome its own weight, so as not to harm the growing organism. It is hard to underestimate the Aqua Dolphins lesson, if your baby still has not overcome hydrophobia. Parenting confidence and fascinating insight into the basics of swimming.Games and entertainment on the water. A aqua gymnastics develops physically and teaches swimming technique in combination with a complex of exercises aimed at overcoming the resistance of water. Eight to ten years For children this age are very important remedial lessons, as long sit-load in the school may adversely affect the posture of our children. Treatment and prevention programs are not limited to strengthening the body of the child. Their goal - the development of a healthy child bearing, correct statement of the foot, the prevention of scoliosis, concentration, strengthen the cardiovascular system and immunity. At the age of 8-10 years old child is ready for meaningful top major sports. If we consider childhood as a continuous chain of change and transformation from the physical to the philosophical, then the approach used in yoga and content of these sessions will be slightly different depending on age. Not all yoga postures (asanas) are simple in execution, so they help the child develop the will power, feel and learn a lot about yourself. It is interesting exercises strengthen the muscles, making them more elastic, developing joints, making movement of the child beautiful and malleable, and in addition, strengthen internal organs and improve health. In 8-10 years there is an interest in martial arts, not only boys but girls, they are burning their eyes when they show self-defense techniques. I am pleased to learn self-defense techniques using the technique of punches and kicks and throws and fighting techniques. Where else can you try a variety of dance programs: Oriental, jive, latin, club dances for children. This will help unleash the teens and inspire them with confidence. A focal lessons - the super-ball, bosu - help vplesnut accumulated energy. Aqua-lessons sharks, water polo, swimming playing with the latest equipment will not allow your child to be bored. Everyone will be able to choose for itself a lesson in interest. It is a pity that igroterapiya runs only once a week! In class, develops imagination, memory, thinking we teach interpersonal skills of group interaction through story-role-playing games. From eleven to thirteen years All in adults: boxing, karate, sambo, yoga, fitball class, stretching, bosu, Latino, Oriental, water polo, aqua training, cheerleading (cheerleaders) - highlight of our club, funny, fiery dance lesson using a modern dance choreographer and additional equipment (pompons and tapes). To solve the accumulated problems in communicating with peers and parents will help our educators, psychologists at the lesson psychological training and art therapy - the lesson of psychological training, aimed at self-knowledge and samopriyatie through spontaneous creative expression using paint, clay and a variety of natural materials, will help relieve the tension. From fourteen to sixteen years Children are admitted to classes with an instructor in adult groups, aerobics, except CYCLE and power lines. This category we have presented 14 sessions a week.Practice shows that children of this age are already quite mature attitude towards their health, body and overall physical well-being.
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