Norman's Rare Guitars

by:SanTong     2020-06-11
Norman's Rare Guitars is an older Los Angeles Guitar Store which opened its doors to the public in 1975. Norman originally opened his business in the San Fernando Valley. Norman has aggregated a grand master collection of Vintage Guitars over the years. Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Martin, Fender and Gibson are just a few of the guitar brands he has available. Over the years Norman has earned substantial credibility with many famous bands as well as recording artists. Voltage Guitars The owner of Voltage Guitars is Lloyd Chiate. Because of rising Hollywood Store Rents and a general economic climate shift, Voltage Guitars was of 2008 strictly operates online only. However the brick and mortar portion of his business lasted 23 years. Voltage Guitars was known to carry the rare '22 Martin Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar as well as the Dual-Neck Rickenbacher. Lloyd Chiate is the creator of the Chiate Guitar so this Los Angeles Guitar Store screams tradition. Guitar Center The Guitar Center is a Los Angeles Guitar Store that also operates a large e-commerce store on the internet. It's much more of a modern guitar shop than the first two stores reviewed in this article. One customer attempted to order a used guitar from them so he could give it to his son for his birthday. One employee told him he could order the guitar and the other one said he couldn't. Later he decided to visit the store on Ventura Blvd. and he ended up getting along great with the manager down there. He was able to get the guitar he wanted for his kid so everything turned out just fine. Another customer mentioned that this Los Angeles Guitar Store has a stereotype of being overpriced. However this customer believes that if you just take a bit of extra time to plan your shopping scheme you will have more lower priced purchasing options available to you. California Vintage Guitar & Amp California Vintage Guitar & Amp. is a Los Angeles Guitar Store based out of Sherman Oaks, CA. right smack dab in the middle of where the major Television Studios, Music Recording and Los Angeles Film giants reside. This company not only actively sells Vintage Guitars but also sells Guitar Amplifiers and modern stringed instruments. They have been selling guitars in Southern California since 1968 and they consider themselves a small personalized Guitar Shop and not an impersonal conglomerate. Their showroom has a nice professional open look to it and was originally created by the famous Mary Ann Jones. If you watch a lot of local Los Angeles TV chances are you've seen this store advertised. And finally all the employees that work at California Vintage & Amp are also professional musicians and are very qualified to help you choose the Guitar Brand that will fit you and your budget the best. Westchester Music Westchester Music doesn't carry just new Guitars, they carry used ones as well. If you need Guitar Accessories or Guitar Amplifiers you will be in luck if you shop here. Oh yeah they also carry Guitar Parts and strings. If you need repair work done on your instrument, some guitar tuning or just general maintenance done for your acoustic or electric guitar you are in good hands here. Westchester Music also services Tube Amplifiers and Bass Guitars. If you need your Buzz Feiten Tuning System adjusted they are authorized level 2 retrofitters. Finally they are just a mile or so from the LA International Airport and are a Los Angeles Guitar Store you can trust. Vasquez Guitar Shop Vasquez Guitar Shop is another Los Angeles Guitar Store that has amassed a ton of credibility over the years. German Vasquez Rubio is the owner and also happens to be a master luthier. One of his talents is building classical and flamenco guitars from scratch and what he charges for this won't force you to sell your farm anytime soon anyway. One customer that purchased from Vasquez Guitar Shop claimed that his guitars play and sound better than comparable instruments selling for double the price. You can also find the Mexican Vihuela and some other guitar variants for all of you who are searching for ethnic instruments. Valdez Guitar Shop Valdez Guitar Shop was founded by Arturo Valdez and is a very unique Los Angeles Guitar Store with lots of long standing tradition. Arturo Valdez started this business in the late 1960?s. During his tenure he has put together as well as repaired thousands of guitars. Arturo has some extremely famous and successful people as his clients like Eric Clapton, John Lennon and John Denver. Arturo has developed his own unique line of classical as well as Flamenco Guitars which frequently sell for thousands of dollars each. However for small Guitar Tuning Jobs and things of that nature he is known to charge very reasonable prices. Musicians Supply Shop, Inc. The Musicians Supply Shop is a Los Angeles Guitar Store owned by Paul Shultz. They are the most established Print Music Store in LA. They are also known to be able to locate any type of sheet music you can think of if you just send them an email. They claim that there's no style of sheet music that they don't carry and they also have connections with all the major music publishers. They have some very impressive clients such as the Motion Picture Industry as well as major Universities like USC and UCLA. This is the official 'go to' place in Los Angeles for print music! And if the Musicians Supply Shop doesn't have what you're looking for, they can get it very quickly. Guadalupe Custom Strings If you need the highest quality custom guitar strings money can buy, take a stroll into this Los Angeles Guitar Store someday. These custom guitar strings are hand made by professional musicians for musicians. Each of these strings are wound by hand individually, and are custom built for each instrument to ensure the best durability, tone and playability. Guadalupe Custom Strings are built by hand so as a general rule they will last longer, sound better and tune up easier and faster.
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