Now that it is the boating off season, you have

by:SanTong     2020-06-13
Console Getting a brand new pilot console is a major upgrade for the boat and for the driver. If the existing console is a bit worn down and beat up, you can ask a marina to install a new one that is designed for your specific boat model type. New and more accurate gauges, a new steering wheel, a sleek design with more durable materials and a new sound system compatible with modern technology will make an older pontoon boat feel like new again. Tow Bar Pontoon boats aren't nearly as slow as they used to be. With improvements in design, many pontoons are able to handle rougher waters at higher speeds, which allows them to handle water sports needs with ease. Simply tying a rope to the back of the pontoon isn't good enough for wakeboarding, water skiing or even tubing. Getting a nice boat tow bar that lets the rope move back and for the across the boat with ease and won't get in the way of the engine makes for a more enjoyable ride for anyone on the other end of the rope. Grill Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to grill while out on the water? There would be no need to go back into shore for lunch or dinner, and it's a great way to entertain and impress guests. There are plenty of grills designed specifically for pontoon boats that typically attach to the rails along the side. It is important to use extreme caution while using them, to always keep a fire extinguisher on board, and to never move the boat while the grill is hot. Fender Bumpers The majority of all pontoon boat repairs are a result of crashing into docks or other boats with a bit too much force. Making sure that you have a nice set of fender bumpers practically avoids all of those accidents, and they will certainly pay for themselves in the long run. Fish Finders If you or anyone else that goes out on the pontoon boat is an avid angler, then having a high quality fish finder can help make their fishing expeditions even more enjoyable. Fish finders come in a wide range of prices, and it's important to know how deep your lake is and what you will need your fish finder for before you start shopping. Now would be a good time to upgrade any other fishing gear that you own, or any fishing equipment on your pontoon boat. Ladder If you still use the pontoon boat ladder that came with your boat, there might be a good chance for a significant upgrade. Check your pontoon boat manufacturer's website for information on swim ladders, and see if there are any ones for you to order. There are also swim ladders designed for dogs that enjoy swimming.
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