Nylon braided rope in the matters needing attention when using and maintenance

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
At present, domestic manufacturers of nylon braided rope is more, are more widely use, development prospect is very good. 1 nylon braided rope is good but use due, here referring to moderately refers to the application fields of nylon braided rope, users can't because the nylon braided rope tenacity and hardness as the product applied to various fields. 2 nylon braided rope after high temperature water will produce toxic substances to human health, such as methane and other toxins. Toxins into boiling water and rice dumplings, people eat rice dumplings contaminated by toxins, light have nausea and stomach discomfort, the person that weigh can appear the symptom such as dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea. So don't use nylon rope wound need to heat food. 3 of the rope and maintenance, maintenance: in the process of using several kinds of harmful behavior to the rope: not sunlight ( Afraid of hot) , acid corrosion, Alkali) , on the car trunk lira to pull (such as The above behavior in addition to the acid and alkali corrosion is not absolute) 。 The string of cleaning: can with water ( Neutral or special cleaning solution) After washing out flat on the ground in order; Avoid hard parts in use process; Although trample will not bring harm to the rope should be avoided. Double strand woven rope 双- 层多 厚度编织绳) Varieties are nylon after silk, nylon, polyester, polypropylene filament ( Polyester) / polypropylene filament yarn series products, there are some advantages: high strength, low elongation, wear resistance, smooth and flexible, easy to operation characteristics, scope of application: ships, ship equipment, ocean shipping, offshore oil, mining operations, fishing, and many other fields. Cable, according to the material of metal wire core, natural organic cable, cable, fiber, minerals, and 4 kinds of synthetic fiber rope core. Cable has different characteristics of different material, suitable for different purposes.   ( 1) Metal wire core. When the wire rope rope tensile force and carry the load is small ( But more than 4) , strands of rope to rope pressure more than 147 mpa, or wire rope use environment of high temperature and load change is big, should use metal wire core. Cable, metal from steel wire like strand twist into the system. Strand of metal core is usually single steel wire, surface coating a layer of polyamide resin (also useful Card drugs) Steel wire or steel wire filling dry oil tight around into the spring as a steel reinforced, said spring metal core. Circular strands of point contact wire rope ( See the circular strands wire rope) With the metal core and common single twist wire rope ( Strand) The same; Line contact of metal core wire rope for more 7 x 7 structure of the double twisting wire rope ( See the rope) 。 In recent years to improve working conditions of the strand of wire rope, switch to 6 x 7 structure of wire rope.   ( 2) Natural organic fiber rope ( Shares) The core. Production of natural organic fiber core materials can be divided into hard fibers, such as sisal, abaca ( The sisal) And Manila hemp; Soft fibre, such as jute, hemp and cotton yarn. Hard fiber cable, is the best natural organic materials, compared with the soft fiber low moisture absorption, compressive, tensile and high anti-wear performance. Most suitable for manufacturing to promote natural organic fiber rope core wire rope. Natural organic rope ( Shares) 03%. In order to improve the wear resistance and tensile properties, organic rope ( Shares) Core small lay length, close to twist.
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