Offshore lifting operations of steel wire rope to use what are the potential safety hazard

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Sea construction work more belong to high risk industry in the special environment of high risk, control of production safety responsibility. Therefore, using the scientific method system of safe production in the process of risk identification, analysis and planning, and make monitoring measures accordingly. Further overall understanding and grasp the essence and the inherent law of security, reduce or avoid casualties or other serious malignant accidents, ensure the safety of the engineering production, to create greater economic and social benefits. Sling products on the market at present most is not aimed at a special maritime environment and the design and use of, so there is a certain hidden trouble of security in the application. Mainly include the following: & have spent   1. The salt of the water erosion will make parts gradually corrosion damage of lifting equipment, combined with the move due to the ship and/or production equipment installation, the influence of the resulting dynamic load will also accelerate the damage process.     2. A lot of relevant personnel for chain rigging, wire rope minimum and maximum working load of the lifting equipment information does not understand.     3. Some manufacturers to seek high profits, hoisting equipment to guarantee the quality and even new products can not meet the basic requirements of offshore lifting operations.     4. The disadvantageous factors of the natural environment influence by sea, the use of equipment to ensure the safe operation of the brake system and the requirements of the minimum working load will gradually increase, so lead to the risk of accidents will be bigger and bigger.     In sea hoisting process, greatly influenced by wind, wave and flow of hoisting, lifting, must be treated with caution. Before the construction, we must check the rigging, to resolutely to replace damage of rigging, never use aging rigging to reduce cost, and cause major accidents. When need to use crane barge, floating crane performance is the key to make lifting scheme and the premise, before the construction crane parameters test and collection.     Construction work on the sea, the main there is a flood season the security risks of offshore construction ship into the harbour. Especially for crossing flood project construction, the need to typhoon, flood prevention and control work.     To establish contact with the local meteorological department, daily the weather conditions will be sent to the relevant maritime staff and assign personnel concerned, hydrological observation sea, the wind and waves, such as weather information, in a timely manner to report to the head. Foresee what will happen when an emergency ( As a powerful typhoon, the sea) , should be performed early warning and timely submit the supervision unit and construction unit, when it is necessary to take corresponding emergency measures, to ensure that the construction of the ship into the harbour, mechanical equipment, personnel evacuated to safety. Information source: cable manufacturers in jiangsu sweet sichuan cable technology co. , LTD
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