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by:SanTong     2020-06-26
To braid the anchor rope, untie it almost 12 inches from the end at the lower part. The anchor rope is always melted so that it does not untie. You will have to cut or pull apart the strands. In case there is no way out other than cutting, put an electric tape to prevent it from opening. Form the end of the link of the chain; pass two of the three rope sections. And the third one has to be passed from the opposite side. Now two strands must strike out from one side and the third from the other side. One end has to be brought down far from the chain and the Swedish fid has to be stuck into a section of the rope. Now, it must be pulled from the opposite direction to twist but very firmly. Then twist the anchor rope in a way that one side faces up and the fid can be slide into the other one. Pull down and hold the next section. Repeat the same for the remaining strand. Now tuck back all the section on the anchor rope. Keep twisting the sections and each strand. You must have a set of 6 tucks in each strand. Now untie each strand in a way that there are two sections for each strand. At the end twist the anchor rope at the top where the anchor meets the rope.
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