Pearl Necklaces have a good market all across the world

by:SanTong     2020-06-25
Bib: It comprises a host of pearl strands of varying lengths. Collar or Dog Collar: It comprises a multitude of pearl strands that is worn quite high on the neck. It was very famous in the Victorian Era and has now made a comeback show characterizing 12-13 inches long. Choker: Quite resembling to the collar, it is worn quite lower on the neck and 14-16 inches long. Princess: This style of pearl necklace is the so called classic length of the pearl necklace which lies a bit below the neck. This type of pearl jewelry can be worn with various kinds of neckline. It is 17-19 inches long and is revered as versatile. Matinee: This type of necklace style is usually 20-24 inches long which gives a vintage look and is often worn on occasions that are not too formal and it also suits well with the dresses and suits. Opera: This type of pearl necklace style is frequently worn at formal occasions coupled with the evening dress. The pearls must fall below the bust line. Its strand can be doubled over and you can choose to wear this one even at a less formal occasion. The opera necklace gives a very rich look with its length being 30-36 inches. Rope: Longest amongst all the pearl necklace styles is the Rope Style, which can also be doubled and knotted. Rope necklaces are more than 36 inches in length and some of the Rope Necklaces have multiple clasps that render it to be broken down into several smaller strands. Matching Of Size - the Sine Qua Non to a perfect Pearl Necklace The pearls that are use in the necklace can be of the similar size or they can be arranged with the largest pearl in the center and consecutively the smaller pearls on each way to the clasp. The aesthetic value of the pearl necklace can be enjoyed only if good matching of the pearls can be done irrespective of the style chosen.
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