Plant fiber cable and the use of chemical fiber rope and maintenance matters needing attention

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Plant fiber cable used, maintenance note 1) Do not use overload. Should be based on a variety of cable of the old and new concrete conditions, such as to determine the actual strength. 2) To avoid wear and tear. Fiber rope through the place such as pipe friction part, it is best to old canvas or sacks pieces and bind them. 3) To avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp, keep clean. Fiber rope can harden after be affected with damp be affected with damp, flexibility and strength will reduce, and easy to decay and contract, need not when, it should be dried, plate in a dry and ventilated place. 4) Stacked correctly, right hand rope should be clockwise steering wheel on the rope. Plate on the deck of the cable must be on board, and cover to canvas, it uncovered the ventilation and dry when the weather is fine. If encounter a rainy day is in the open air of rope, can shrink because of be affected with damp be affected with damp, should be appropriate to relax, to avoid too much stress and pulled apart or cause drag mark. 5) To prevent corrosion damage. Materials such as acid, alkali corrosion of plant fiber. 6) The right to open a new line. In order to avoid the rope kink and entanglement, can new strapped and lift, and then pull out the rope, the rope bundle of rotational unlock sequence. Small specification is strapped and strapped and will also be positive upward. From within the bundle. To avoid the kink. Chemical fiber rope use, maintenance note 1) Chemical fiber rope after stress elongated elasticity is very big, can produce rapid vibration, will suddenly in drum beat again, be careful operation, to prevent play hurt its bounce. 2) Chemical fiber rope surface is smooth, to prevent sliding, after struggling in the bitter bollard or the roller should arm in 1 - more than Manila rope 2. 3) Prevent damage under high temperature. Chemical fiber rope can't contact with the steam tube heater, such as, cigarette butts can't throw on the cable. 4) High temperature to prevent friction damage the cable. Can't keep the cable when warping produce sliding friction in the roller. 5) When using the actual pull force of no more than the use of the rope itself strength, otherwise it will cause deformation of the cable or pulled apart or cause drag mark. Chemical fiber rope breakage, the elasticity is very big, to prevent the rebound. 6) Often keep dry clean. Piled up the location of the chemical fiber rope should pad with board, right hand rope should be clockwise pan or round pan, woven wire strand is not restricted by coiling direction. Piled up on the deck of the chemical fiber rope should cover the canvas, chemical fiber rope aging long-term sun exposure can be avoided.
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