Polypropylene fiber has been widely applied high strength wire superior performance

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Polypropylene high strength wire the outstanding performance and the application in almost every industry is the economy efficiency. In a wide range of replace the high cost of products, its application is brought great convenience to our lives and the economic benefits of broad. So, polypropylene fiber high strength SiDou acted an important role in what fields? Used in belt class use polypropylene high strength light silk weaving, high strength can be all kinds of industrial condole belt and construction, planes, trains, cars, ships, sports and entertainment equipment safety belt. With colored polypropylene fiber high-strength woven bags belt, packing belt, decoration belt will play its high strength, low prices, colorfast obvious advantages. Using its good flexible and powerful combination to produce excellent pressure resistance can be made into high pressure water pipe. In addition, the conveyor belt made of polypropylene high strength wire has excellent abrasion resistance, can adapt to the continuous heavy load, especially in the bad environment, more show its superiority. Used in cable to use its ultra high strength and resistance to cut made hoisting rope, used in large container loading and unloading; Use its density is small, floating in the water and the surface is not stained with water, dry and wet strength and same instant high stress impact resistance, especially suitable for cable made from sea. In addition, its qualitative light high strength, good abrasion resistance, color solid, and make it suitable for mountaineering, parachute rope and other sports safety rope and canopy cover with rope, can also be used for packing bag pack. For geotextile used its superior made polypropylene woven geotextile, high strength and corrosion resistance can be used to reinforce the dam, reservoir, railway, highway and other geotechnical reinforcement engineering. In the extensive use of the civil engineering of textiles, the price is decided to use the important factor of geotextile. In the case of fabric strength to demand higher, as a result of polypropylene high strength fiber strength is high, the price cheap, is one of the preferred raw material of woven geotextile. Used for filter material using polypropylene high strength wire of high strength, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, qualitative light, the chemical stability is good, and the advantages of good filter material stripping, can be used in the filtering process of temperature does not exceed 100 ℃. Among various kinds of filter medium polypropylene hydrolysis resistance, acid-proof alkaline can are excellent. Cheap and non-toxic, not moldy, applicable to the metallurgical, chemical, food and sewage treatment and other industries. Industrial sewing thread USES the qualitative light, high strength can meet various industrial requirements of sewing thread. With the polypropylene fibre membrane bags, bags, more and more widely, the scope of application of usage increases. The recycled also increases accordingly. With polypropylene fiber sewing thread sewing bag, jumbo bag is more conducive to recycling. Other USES polypropylene high strength wire can also be used for shoes lining, cars and tourism with the tent tarpaulin and Marine products such as fishing nets, net, etc.
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