Proper use of seat belt safety rope

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
How to correctly use your seat belt & have spent       ( 1) To tighten one's belt, waist buckle components must fasten system are;     ( 2) Use your seat belt, when hung, hook can not be directly check in belt line, should check the seat belt rope hanging ring;     ( 3) Forbidden to hang your seat belt on unstable or artifacts with sharp Angle;     ( 4) Type safety belt use, components can't change;     ( 5) Hard-hit seat belt, even if the appearance has not changed nor use;     ( 6) It is forbidden to use heavy security transmission;     ( 7) Seat belts to hang on to secure above, height is not lower than the waist. Safety line 1, in order to ensure the work high above the staff there is always in the process of mobile security guarantees, when particularly dangerous operations, asked to fasten your seat belt at the same time, hang in the security line. 2, banning the use of hemp rope to make safety rope. 3, use more than 3 meters long to add buffer. 4, a safety rope can't two people used at the same time. Differential protector 1, self-locking device should be checked before use. 2, self-locking device, should be hung on the seat belt metal ring. 3, suffered serious impact of self-locking device should stop using it.
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