Quality characteristics of a cable car cable is?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
We know that the cable car is driven by drive, wire rope traction carriage along laid on the surface and has a certain slope of rail cable car running, for raising or lowering of people and goods transportation machinery. Cable rope used for tying ships. Requires tensile, impact resistant, wear resistance, flexibility properties, such as soft. A cable car cable would break? Cable car is driven by drive cable, cable car traction train along the laid in the earth's surface and has a certain slope of orbit a transport. Rail slope is not restricted, generally with 15 ° ~ 25 ° advisable. Cable car line according to the traffic, the terrain and the distance can be designed into a single, dual track and monorail middle add wrong lanes or transfer station, and other forms. To make passenger comfort, facilitate passenger boarding and loading and unloading of goods, car seat should be parallel to the horizontal plane and stepwise. In order to ensure the safety of passengers, cable car is equipped with a series of safety facilities. Structure characteristics of the composition of the used wire, linen or cotton rope, coming of synthetic fiber is mostly made with nylon, polypropylene, whalen, polyester, etc. Synthetic fibre cable in addition to the proportion of lightweight, high strength, impact resistance and good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to mildew, bug eat by moth resistance and other advantages. Such as nylon rope strength and wear resistance of several times more than linen, cotton rope, polypropylene rope specific gravity less than water, can float on the surface of the water, easy to operate security. Chemical fiber cable according to the processing structure into three strands, strand twist twisted rope and 8 strands, strand twisted rope. 3 cable generally 4 ~ 50 mm diameter, 8 cable generally 35 ~ 120 mm diameter. Chemical fiber rope except for ship's mooring, also widely used in industrial, mining, transportation, sports and fishing, etc. According to the requirements of the special purpose, but also within the core into metal materials.
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